Choose Amazing Eye Make-Up Products & Brands to Enhance Your Eye Beauty

Banglashoppers is makeup and skin care products stored and retailed by Bangladeshi company. The company was founded in 2007 but it entered into retailing in late 2013. It legally retails majority of world’s famous cosmetic products. Banglashopers deal with a wide of cosmetics starting from common brand products to customized cosmetic products that meet specific demand of customers.

Elegance, a line of assorted eye products in Banglashoppers, deals with different categories of cosmetic products such as eyeshadow, eye primer, eye liner, eye brows, eye lashes, mascara, and under eye concealer. This category of products can have found in Elegance under various brands including Absolute New York, Jeffrey Star Cosmetics, Ofra, Alix Avien, The Balm and W7 brands.

Absolute New York makeup essentials are developed using high-performance methods infused with the latest trends and emerging new technologies in the manufacture of cosmetics. Jeffrey Star Cosmetics was founded by Jeffrey star and produces Eye Make-Up products such as androgyny eye shadow, beauty killer eye shadow, and blood sugar pellets. Ofra was founded by Ofra Gaito and deals with eye makeup products such as radiant eyes, makeup palette, and apricot. Alix Avien products include avian natural, terracotta and face powder. The Balm products include balm away, and finally, W7 brands products include urban decay and w7 lightly.

Eyeshadow products line include W7 blazin‘ neutrals on fire eye shadow,The Balm- nude beach eye shadow palette, w7 on the rocks eye shadow palette and many more. The cosmetics products are ranged in accordance with the brand and price. The blazing neutrals eye on fire eye shadow contains twelve different shades and color ranging from natural nudes to warm hues such as browns and oranges. When applied the blazing neutrals create a finish and a fiery edge. The balm nude beach also has twelve different shades and it is formed with triple-milled pigments giving them a satiny texture.

Eye primer products are used to protect concealer from creasing and thus makes eyeshadows last longer. Some of the products of eye primer found in banglashoppers include ofra eye gel primer and put a lid on it eye shadow primer. Ofra Eye Gel Primer makes an important eye shadow base and makes colors appear more clearly and distinctly and it can last up to twelve hours. Put a lid on it eye shadow primer is packaged in an easily squeezable bottle which allows the right amount of the product for the application.

Eye liners found in banglashoppers store include all-purpose pencil concealer and collector from Absolute New York and Ofra fixing eye liner gel. Eyeliner is a cosmetic product used in defining eyes and when applied around the eye contours it gives different varieties of aesthetic impact. An all-purpose pencil is made in such way to be for three different ways; hide spot blemishes and imperfections of the the skin, brightening of inner water lines and prevent bleeding of lippies. Ofra fixing eye liner gel creates smooth lines that do not flakes or cracks and it also contains titanium dioxide which filters the natural sun.

Eye brow products found in reasonable range from w7 superbrows  eye pencil to ofra waterproof eyebrow. Eye brow is a thick and soft hair that form a shape slightly the eye margin. Ofra waterproof, when applied, creates a clear eye brow shape and maintains a natural appearance. it has waterproof properties that make resistant even in hot humid conditions, swimming and sweating due to exercises. w7 superbrows helps in maintaining the shape of hairs and keeping unruly hairs intact.

Eye lashes products found in the line include w7 lengthening mascara, Ez lashes applicator from absolute new york. Lengthening mascara is used to give very long lashes. the lash applicator is mainly used in attaching fake eyelashes and keeping them intact.

Mascara products in the line include ofra waterproof volumizing black mascara and mad lash mascara from The Balm. Waterproof volumizing black mascara helps in thickening, defining and lengthening lashes thus preventing clumping. Mad lash has injected mold wand that helps in giving lashes new heights and make them look full.

Under Eye Concealer products include cover stick concealer-warm sands from Absolute New York and creamy lightweight go corrective concealer. This product helps in hiding blemishes and imperfections, therefore, giving on flawless skin. Creamy lightweight helps to hide dark spots under when it is applied.

Elegance Eye Beauty has been set up under Banglashoppers store to assemble best eye makeup products that meet high value and quality product that serves esteemed clients’ needs and aligns with the store’s vision of customer satisfaction.

The Downside Phentermine Side Effects

Phentermine is a commonly recommended drug for weight loss. It works by suppressing or reducing the appetite of an individual. Despite the fact that it helps in reducing body weight, Phentermine also has adverse effects such as chest pain and dry mouth. Currently, there are many options for weight loss, therefore, it’s always advisable to first talk to the medical practitioner to determine the best weight loss plan that can work for you.   

What is Phentermine?  

Phentermine is the type of drug that suppresses one’s appetite by working mainly on hypothalamus (the center that controls desire) to help minimize the urge to consume a significant amount of meals and help to get rid of excess fats. The pills are always followed by exercise schedule as well as low calorie if you want to achieve the significant results. The tablets are only offered to the individuals who are exclusively obese or overweight, and this means a body mass index should be twenty-six or more. Phentermine is the most effective medicine at assisting people to lose weight by approximately 5% of their average body weight if administered in fourteen weeks.

Phentermine Side Effects  

Phentermine side effects are classified into long term and short term.   

Short-term Effects  

Phentermine is the most used drug for weight loss medication. In fact. It’s considered tolerable by many persons. Nevertheless, it has some mild or short-term side effects. The most common impact among the drug users is a dry mouth. Besides. Phentermine is also known for causing an unpleasant taste in the mouth. Hence, any person using the drug must keep a glass of water around when taking medicine.  

Other short-term Phentermine side effects include: 

  • Diarrhea 
  • Constipation 
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Headache
  • Mood swing
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness 

Long-term Side Effects  

It’s unfortunate that Phentermine doesn’t work or fit all users and it might probably have a severe effect that might require doctor’s attention. Any individual administering these pills with the aim of weight loss experience a variety of outcomes such as: 

  • Dependency  

Phentermine can cause addiction, and thus users shouldn’t exceed as prescribed by the doctor or use it for a longer time. The duration a patient takes these drugs depends typically on the way they react to the treatment. Because an individual is likely to regain her former weight once she ceases taking the pills, it’s advised to combine it with the exercise plan and other general meals.

  • Restlessness  

Patients taking phentermine to suppress appetite as a technique for weight loss often complain of nervousness or restlessness followed by insomnia and other sleep-related complications. Other effects include high blood pressure, extreme anxiety, faster heartbeat.

  • Lung and Heart Complications    

Phentermine can cause lung and heart diseases such as heart valve defect or pulmonary hypertension. In fact, the effect increases with the more prolonged usage of the pills. Also, incorporating these pills with other diets may result to severe damage of these organs. 

Other severe effects include:  

  • Swelling of legs and ankles
  • Fainting
  • Difficulty performing regular tasks or exercise 

If you experience any of these side effects, ensure you report to your medical practitioner immediately for a checkup.   

Things to Consider Before Taking Phentermine  

Despite the fact that phentermine drug is certified by the Food and Drug Administration and termed as the most effective medication for weight loss, it’s not always safe for every person. Because of its long-term effects such as higher blood pressure and increased sugar level, these pills shouldn’t be administered to the specific group of people such as those suffering from kidney ailments or diabetes. Also, it’s not suggested for persons with hyperthyroidism or commonly known as over-active thyroid since the pills may worsen the condition.   

Because alcohol worsens phentermine’s side effect, the patient shouldn’t take any alcoholic drinks when using it. It may result in drowsiness or even false sense of yourself. Furthermore, you should avoid driving or operate any machine when you’re administering phentermine for the first time until the time you will understand it’s effect on yourself.  Therefore, ensure you see the doctor for a better description of your weight loss plan that will offer a significant result. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above after taking phentermine, don’t hesitate to seek medication.

TruVision Health: An Objective Review

The search for the best-quality, most-effective health supplements continues. Today we want to take a look at TruVision Health, and give it an objective review. There are quite a few customer reviews of the product casting them in a less than positive light, but everyone deserves their day in court, right? So we’ll take a look and analyze for ourselves all the information out there on the product so we can figure out if this is the real deal or just another one of the endless non-starters out there.

What’s It About, Exactly?

First things first. TruVision is a company that specializes in a wide variety of products including such well-known names as TruEssentials, TruNeccessity, and TruHealth. Note before we go much further that the lukewarm reviews we mentioned above weren’t complaints about negative side-effects as such or complaints about their health being impaired as a result of using the product, but more like customers bemoaning the lack of personal results they experienced with the product.

That’s why we figured a closer inspection of what exactly goes into their product might shed some light on to what exactly is going on here. That’s what we’ll be getting into a bit further down. For now, here’s a bit more background information on their product.

The company introduced their TruVision supplement line back in 2014 with the ostensible aim of helping their customers achieve their weight-loss aspirations. They are widely available from a large number of distributors, retailers, as well as their online store where you can order directly from them.

Does The Science Back Up TruVision’s Claims?

One thing we noticed about the supplements, which are to be taken twice a day, was the inclusion of natural ingredients in their formulations. Some of these TruVision Health ingredients included:

Bitter Orange
Various Vitamins
Assorted Minerals

The company claims that their products will help their clients with losing wight, and that the results will be evident. What we couldn’t locate anywhere, however, were any independent clinical studies to back up these claims about TruVision Health.

What we could find, however, was ample evidence from clinical studies that confirmed the fact that the ingredients that go into the product do have a beneficial impact on weight loss. Rasberry ketones, green tea extract, caffeine, and others all have a well-documented backing in science regarding their effectiveness as weight loss helpers. We would love to see someone carry out a formal study on TruVision products in order to more solidly back up their claims.

TruVision ‘Side-effects’

Every dietary supplement out there will have is fair share of possible side-effects, and this is no exception. For people with a low tolerance to caffeine, some feelings of shakiness or jitters are a possibility. For some others, feelings of impatience and agitation might present themselves. Should these be the case for you, it’s recommended that you decrease your dosage of the supplement. It shouldn’t worry us too much though, as it’s only a matter of getting used to caffeine in your system and the effects will fade away on their own with time.

Again, it’s not everybody who will experience these side-effects. In fact, for some users reported POSITIVE side-effects of the supplement, for example some users who stated that their stomach issues vanished once they started on the supplements.

Can We Trust These Guys?

That’s the real question here, isn’t it? There is no end to the reports of these so-called health companies scamming unknowing customers with useless, ineffective, and potentially harmful products, so it’s wise to be careful with them.

In April 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contacted numerous companies offering products that contained 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate (DMBA), and TruVision was on that list. They stated that the ingredient was still not cleared for human consumption, and thus they requested that the companies do away with it until it was approved.

TruVision immediately complied with the directive and pulled its affected products from all shelves. The thing to note here is the fact that TruVision demonstrated its commitment to fully complying with all safety precautions out there, even when it probably cost them money. That’s not how scam companies behave. Not by a long shot.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, every supplement comes with clear instruction son its usage, and accompanying directions on what lifestyle changes will need to be made or avoided for them to work effectively.

We might not know whether customers who don’t experience the results they expect follow these instructions as they should, but the science behind the ingredients of TruVision Health is solid. It has shown positive results for untold numbers of people, and we think confidence in their products is not misplaced. Try them out for yourself.

iMovie gets some attention with an iPhone X-ready update

After a few months without updates, Apple has shown some attention to the mobile version of its free iMovie video editor with a new update. It’s now fully compatible with the iPhone X’s Super Retina Display (and that notch), and according to the notes, finally takes advantage of the Metal API for direct access to your iPhone GPU. Unfortunately, judging by a few early reports, that doesn’t seem to do much for video rendering time, but maybe there are benefits that just haven’t been uncovered yet.

GTA IV will lose some of its in-game music over licensing issues

The last time this happened, Rockstar didn’t tell players, who unknowingly downloaded a patch that deleted a Michael Jackson song. This time, at least, players will be in the know. There are currently nearly 30 songs, mostly Russian pop, on Vladivostok FM. They add some flavor to sections of the game when you’re driving or at the Bahama Mamas Club in Episodes From Liberty City.

Rockstar didn’t say whether it would delete all the songs or just some of them. The music is supposed to be cut on April 26th, according to Kotaku’s sources, but there is a silver lining. “We are replacing some of those songs with a new set of songs on that station,” said Rockstar. “We will update our customer support website with new information as soon as it is available.”

Xiaomi Blackshark shines in two new promo images

Just minutes before its launch, the Xiaomi Blackshark appeared in two promo images on Twitter, showing more of its design. It will come with a tall screen and minuscule side bezels, while the back will have an edgy design reminiscent of gaming laptops.

The first picture shows the tall display of the front that early AnTuTu benchmarks suggested will have Full HD+ resolution. The phone is positioned next to the Xiaomi Gaming Laptop debuted in the end of March alongside the Mi Mix 2s.

The second image is pretty straightforward – it says Blackshark gaming phone and reveals the dual cam setup, coupled with LED flash. There is also the funky design solution with green elements, giving us a slight Razer vibe. It is also in line with the first live image of the device from earlier this week.

Xiaomi Black Shark shines in two new promo images

The Xiaomi Blackshark appeared on Geekbench with Snapdragon 845 and 8 GB RAM while running Android Oreo. The rest of the specs should be unveiled shortly – stay tuned to our homepage.


Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) gets Wi-Fi certification

The Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018) has received a certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, which suggests it will be released really soon.

The model number of the Galaxy A6+ (2018) is SM-A605FN/DS, signifying there will be a dual-SIM version, as we already know.

A day ago the phone was spotted in a HTML5 test, which revealed it will have a tall-aspect Infinity Display.

We already have a good idea what specs the Galaxy A6+ (2018) and A6 (2018) will carry. The non-plus model will have a 5.6-inch 18:9 2220x1080px display, and an Exynos 7870 chipset with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage.

The Galaxy A6+ (2018) adds a few inches for a 6-inch diagonal of the same resolution, it gains 4GB of RAM and likely a Snapdragon 625 chipset.

When the two arrive it’s rumored they’ll be sold in Europe, Russia and the Middle East.


Razer Phone review, 4 months later: Gamers’ delight

Mobile games have never looked or sounded so good.

You have to commend Razer for going against the industry trends and making some really bold design choices for its first smartphone, the Razer Phone. Okay, I guess you don’t have to commend them — but I will.

Razer calls the Razer Phone the “smartphone for gamers” and also “the ultimate smartphone for mobile entertainment”. And I know that those are marketing buzzwords but damn if it hasn’t mostly lived up to those lofty claims. As the resident gaming guy around these parts and also a serial streamer of media on my phone, I was really eager to see what the Razer Phone brings to the table.

In spite of some of the obvious shortcomings as mentioned by Alex Dobie our main review — namely the pathetic camera performance and lack of water resistance — the Razer Phone’s strengths are impressive. In fact, they may have honestly changed the value I place on specific smartphone design and features — and that goes far beyond the buttery smoothness of the 120Hz UltraMotion display (although more of that, please).

But seriously, have you seen the specs on this thing?

It’s important to say right off the bat that the overall performance of the Razer Phone is simply outstanding thanks to Razer cramming as much top-end hardware into the chassis as possible.

The Snapdragon 835 chipset and 8GB of RAM allow you to play the most resource-heavy games, like Vainglory or PUBG Mobile, without any noticeable slowdown even in those moments when the screen is cluttered with enemies and action. This phone should be fairly futureproof for whichever direction mobile gaming decides to head in (excluding mobile VR) which at this point seems to be focused on porting over more PC and console experiences to mobile. With the Razer Phone in hand, I say bring it on!

Coupled with the massive 4,000mAh battery and that PC-quality display you get the best mobile experience for stream hours of Netflix or YouTube without reaching for your charging brick. When it is time to charge, this phone charges up real quick thanks to the support for the latest Qualcomm QuickCharge 4+ technology. Despite having never owned a Razer product in my life, I still feel like this phone was designed for someone like me with similar needs for streaming and gaming and I acknowledge and appreciate it.

Crazy good audio

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I tend to use the built-in speakers on my phones as much as I use headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Whether I’m hanging out with friends and trying to share a hilarious YouTube video in a noisy space or wanting to resume watching Netflix while I go about cooking dinner in the kitchen, I’ve realized that I rely on my phone’s speakers for so much more than just notification blips.

In an era where smartphone companies are trying maximize the screen-to-body ratio on devices, Razer took off in the other direction an added a combined inch to the top and bottom of the display to create the best damn smartphone speakers I’ve ever experienced. Far from being a compromise, I’ve found the speaker layout (coupled with the Dolby Atmos audio support) delivers the best sound from a smartphone while also addressing the issue of your hand muffling the sound when using phones with bottom-firing speakers. Furthermore, the speakers also give you a bit of a buffer between your palms and the screen which helps cut down on accidental touches along the edge of the display.

In an era when companies are trying to maximize the screen-to-body ratio, Razer took off in the other direction and created the best damn smartphone speakers I’ve ever experienced.

Another common sticking point for newer phones is the removal of the headphone jack, but Razer managed to compensate for that by including a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter with a 24-bit THX certified DAC inside. I actually had to get some second opinions when I tested out the included dongle because I wasn’t sure if the audio was as impressive as I was imagining or what, but everyone I showed it to was just as blown away by it as I was. I’m also living a mostly Bluetooth life when it comes to speakers and headphones as it is, so while it certainly sucks to carry a dongle around for those times I want to use wired headphones It’s not as much of a deal breaker for me as it might have been just a few years ago.

No curves, no problems

Call me a contrarian but I’m one of those folks who constantly gripes about curved displays on smartphones. Ever since Samsung set the industry trend with the Samsung Galaxy S6, it’s all we typically see from flagship devices these days.

Sure, I’ll agree that they look really pretty in person and can feel smooth and nice in your hand, but it still a mostly cosmetic design choice. I don’t find that it adds anything substantial to the experience of using the smartphone beyond added anxiety about replacement costs if it slams against the ground.

I don’t mind bezels around the display if they’re used effectively as is the case here.

That’s why I really appreciate the decision Razer made to not follow those trends and deliver a different option for consumers. I don’t mind bezels around the display if they’re used effectively as is the case here. Because the screen doesn’t go edge-to-edge and is built around an aluminum frame, I’ve been less concerned about screen damage nor do I feel obligated to slap a case on the Razer Phone.

Like I mentioned above, the front-facing speakers sound great and also offer a bit of a buffer between your hands and the screen when playing a game in landscape mode. With bigger and better games coming out for Android these days, I want a phone that features more practical features rather than cosmetic ones to make the overall experience better, and I think Razer has gotten off to a good start here offering something different from its competitors.

Should you consider buying the Razer Phone in 2018?

The bottom line here is that the Razer is asking $700 for a phone that offers supreme performance in some areas while falling short in others. Depending on how you primarily use your phone will be key in determining whether a ridiculously smooth (but occasionally dim) display backed by top-end performance specs can outweigh a lackluster (but functional) camera setup. Whether fantastic, front-facing speakers offer more value to you than a seamless display with no bezels.

We’re also still waiting for the Razer Phone to get Android Oreo which should improve the overall experience, but we won’t know for sure until it arrives. Razer released a major software update in January that shows that Razer is committed to supporting the Razer Phone and improving the experience — yet it still has a ways to go to match the overall user experience.

Having said all that, I’m still really impressed by the Razer Phone, but that’s because I spend a good majority of my phone time playing games and consuming entertainment. I never realized how much I valued a higher refresh rate or proper front-facing speakers on a phone, and given my obsession for mobile gaming, I could see the phone specs holding up pretty well over the years.

It’s definitely a phone that you need to experience firsthand before deciding if it’s right for you. If the 120Hz refresh rate and booming audio features don’t instantly turn you on, then maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

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Xiaomi Mi 6X set for unveil on April 25, could launch globally as the Mi A2


This could be Xiaomi’s Android One phone for 2018.

Xiaomi caught the smartphone industry by surprise when it announced that it was teaming up with Google over an Android One phone. The Mi A1 turned out to be a fantastic phone in the budget segment, offering a great design, powerful specs, and pure Android. The phone itself was a rebranded variant of the Mi 5X with Android One instead of Xiaomi’s MIUI.

The Chinese manufacturer has now sent out invites to the Chinese media (Via FoneArena) for an event on April 25, where it is set to unveil the Mi 6X. The phone made its way through TENAA last month, giving us a look at the specs on offer.

The Mi 6X will feature a 5.99-inch FHD+ 18:9 panel, Snapdragon 626, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, microSD slot, hybrid SIM card slot, 20MP + 8MP dual cameras at the back, 20MP front shooter, and a 2910mAh battery. The battery may not be as massive as that of the Redmi Note 5 Pro, but as I saw on the Mi A1 last year, Xiaomi still knows a thing or two about optimization to eke out the most out of the battery.

As this particular variant is aimed at a Chinese audience, it will be running an Oreo-based build of MIUI. Right now, there’s no information regarding an Android One model that will go on sale in global markets, but the Mi A1 saw a decent amount of sales in India last year, and Xiaomi will be looking to offer an alternative to MIUI in the budget segment.

A Look Into Speech Therapy

Does your child have problems reading or spelling? Relax; they aren’t the only ones because for decades now, many parents have had to deal with their child having such problems. Maybe that’s the reason why speech therapy in the Los Angeles area is so high these days. Speech therapy is an innovative concept that has helped millions of kids to overcome their obstacles with regards to their speech problems.

Having said that, there are also several parents who are a bit pessimistic about the whole thing and aren’t really sure of whether to let their kids join speech therapy Los Angeles offers. These parents usually have several questions on their mind which prove to be an obstacle. So, what are some questions?

Does my child really need speech therapy?

The earlier you ascertain this problem, the better. More often than not, if your child suffers from speech problems, you’ll know them at an early age. First and foremost, you need to consult an expert in this matter as early as possible.

Will the cost of speech therapy in Los Angeles be covered by my insurance company?

Well, that depends on the insurance company. Speech therapy Los Angeles based providers may accept a wide variety of insurance. Although most of such companies don’t cover such costs, some do. The best thing you can do is check with your insurance company well beforehand. If they do cover such costs, make sure to study all the conditions and clauses carefully.

My child is having problems with language, what should I do?

Although you can enroll them in language classes, there is no doubt that that the best possible solution to such problems is at home. As parents, you can do a lot to help your child overcome their language problems. Make sure that the process is natural and your kid doesn’t think in any way that you are forcing something to them. Some of the things you should incorporate into your daily routine are:

  • Discuss with your child about the stuff they are playing with 
  • Make it a habit of using a lot of facial expressions in front of your kid 
  • Spend quality time with your child 
  • If your kid says something and it’s partially incorrect, make sure to rectify them with the right option. 
  • Make sure you speak in front of your kid in a language which is grammatically correct 
  • Challenge your kid in a fun way by asking them some questions.


What’s the duration of these therapies?

Just like every other therapy, its effectiveness significantly depends on your child and their ability to learn. Kids with major speech problems might require more time to complete the speech therapy in Perth than those who have minor problems.

Are these therapies actually effective?

Several studies have proved time and time again about how hugely effective speech therapy Los Angeles offers can be for your child. But then again, you have to find the right company or institution for this purpose. It’s important that you enroll your kid in an institution that has several years of experience in this matter.

It is never too early to start children’s speech therapy. All your kid needs to survive is learned under your tutelage first. It is really important that you put aside lots of time to just speak to your child. Use their name often in the course of the conversation to help your child identify the name as his or her own.

One way of teaching new words is to indicate things that inhabit your kid’s world. Toys, food and drinks, people’s names, friends, are the simplest to teach. You can go a step further and teach your child the names of flowers, plants, trees, birds, animals when you are out on your daily walk or at a picnic in the park.

Speak with your little one as you would to any person else and try to comprehend the responses even if they are just gestures; encourage all kinds of communication. At the same time, you can also point out to things that are of interest and name each thing or person while making sure that you pronounce the words proper.

Youngsters pick up fast and tend to mimic your pronunciation and the way that you enunciate. Include one or two questions in your conversations, allowing the child time to start to understand your question and reply either in words or through actions. Repeat your question several times till you get a reply.

Teaching your kid action songs is another good way to get your kid to start talking early. Songs that describe the parts of the body, numbers, animals, or the alphabet, suitably illustrated with actions go a long way in laying the base for your young one to be more demonstrative. Encourage your kid to raise questions and give your total attention while you reply. Whether or not the question is very simple, remember that your child is just a baby and is curious about everything. If you show impatience or do not give any seriousness to the questions, you’ll soon enough succeed in minimizing how much your child talks.

Your child will flourish in an atmosphere where everybody, children and adults, talk to one another often. When speaking to the kid though use simple combos of words according to the level of understanding. Remember to hold meaningful conversations with your kid, be really fascinated by what he has to say and reply like you usually would. A kid who is exposed to lots of conversations, laughter, stories, and songs, learns words that would generally be out of reach. Kids brought up in this kind of environment develop quicker intellectually, learn to speak and listen effectively, thus sharpening their communication skills at a young age even before they enter college.

Parents play a huge role in their child’s early education, speech and understanding, and communication skills. It is up to you to provide a safe, secure, and loving home for your child to develop his or her inbuilt skills.

If in spite of all your loving efforts, your child does not show improvement in communication skills, you may need to consult a children’s speech pathologist.