The State of Online Shopping Worldwide and in Bangladesh

E-Commerce: The State of Online Shopping Worldwide and in Bangladesh

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There are a lot of things that are happening in the e-Commerce sector not only in Bangladesh but globally. It’s expected that online sells will double in the next five years worldwide. The growth and evolution of technology mean that new trends will help to push e-Commerce to a higher level. Currently, there are various digital channels that are being established in order to create business opportunities. In addition to that, brands want to meet different consumer demands regardless of where they are.

Bangladesh is one of the cities whose economy is partly fueled by e-Commerce. The convenience and affordability of the products mean that consumers are now opting to purchase online. Additionally, the availability of smartphones as well as good internet access means that most people are attracted to online shopping more than before. This number is expected to increase with the growth of technology.

Tips for Online Shopping in Global Market

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The global e-commerce market is filled with millions of shoppers. This means that one has be very careful especially if you are purchasing a product from a global brand. Below are some of the tips for online shopping in the global market.

Ensure the website is secure. Only use your credit card on sites with the HTTPS URL and not HTTP.

  • Protect your computer against any malware by updating your antivirus regularly.
  • When creating online accounts, ensure that you use strong passwords.
  • Do not use computers or any smart device that is not yours. Public devices such as office computers shouldn’t be used to make purchases.
  • If you are using Wi-Fi, it should be private.

Tips for Online Shopping in Bangladesh

As much as e-Commerce is convenient and affordable, there are various security challenges which both consumers and sellers still face. Online shopping Bangladesh isn’t friction-free but below are some of the tips which can make your shopping experience better.

Shop from a Reputable Retailer

This helps to guarantee the safety of the purchased products as well as your personal details. Not only will be your purchases secured but also personal information. Avoid unknown retailers since they may be frauds.

Check Your Spending

Ensure that you constantly check you’re spending. Check the electronic statements of your debit card or credit card in order to avoid fraudulent charges.

Personal Information

Only provide the seller with the information that you think is necessary. Note that the more you share your personal information over the internet, the easier it is for fraud to steal your identity. Avoid sharing information such as date of birth, social security number etc.

Online Shopping Versus Traditional Shopping: Pros and Cons

Online Shopping Versus Traditional Shopping

Before the introduction of online shopping, people used to shop using the traditional method i.e. visiting a retail store physically. These two methods of shopping have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Online Shopping Pros

The advantages of online shopping are the cons of traditional shopping. There are a lot of benefits of online shopping over the traditional shopping method. They include:

  • Easier, time saving and convenient. You don’t need to move around, stay in traffic or search for a parking space.
  • You can shop at any time that you like since the online shops are available 24/7.
  • It’s easy to compare the price of a product. All you have to do is to check what different brands offer by the click of a button.
  • By adding the products to the cart, you can easily view what you are spending. This is better than at the regular stores where you can only be able to tell the total costs at the checkout or unless you do your own calculations.
  • Apart from shipping, you can also buy gifts for family and friends by using their delivery address.

Advantages of Traditional Shopping

  • The benefits of traditional shopping are the cons of online shopping. Although online shopping has its benefits, some people still prefer the brick and mortar store because of the following reasons:
  • One can try and also touch an item physically. You can be able to tell if a product is working or if an apparel fits. In addition to that, you can touch and feel the texture.
  • Unlike e-Commerce sites, you can ask questions and get answers instantly. Furthermore, an attendant can give you advice in real-time about an item.
  • With traditional shopping, you go home with your purchases right away. There’s no need to wait for the shipping period.
  • You can easily return the products if you aren’t satisfied. You don’t have to fill forms or anything complicated in order to get a refund.
  • Traditional shopping method is better than online since it provides better security. You don’t have to use passwords and give out your delivery address.

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Final Thoughts

Bangladesh, just like most places in the world is rapidly embracing e-Commerce. For instance, Banglashoppers offers this city’s residents an easier and better way of purchasing high-quality makeup products. As technology evolves, the number of online shoppers is expected to increase. The increasing availability of internet access, as well as smart devices, is expected to propel e-Commerce to a whole new level.