Herbalife Shakes

People’s lifestyles and habits are always evolving and changing to best meet our body’s needs. Because of this, managing our weight effectively can be a daunting task. Not many people are getting proper nutrients in their diets, nor do they want to exert the effort necessary to complete a full workout at the gym in order to get the proper amount of exercise.  

Due to those factors, many companies specialize in creating weight loss supplements. Those companies have overloaded stores with hundreds upon thousands of weight loss products that are said to be very beneficial in the quest for significant and sustained weight loss.  

When you consider many of these acclaimed reviews, various weight loss supplement provided by these companies are known to produce positive results. In this article, we’ll be discussing one of those companies; Herbalife.  

Herbalife Shakes Companies 

Famously known for creating weight loss supplements, Herbalife, since their formation in 1980, has earned the public’s trust. People can acquire Herbalife products through authorized distributors or by submitting an order online at one of many available online platforms.  

Products of Herbalife Shakes 

Products made by Herbalife are some of the best-selling weight loss and general body health products available on the market today. In an article on the company’s official website, it was said that Herbalife products are based mainly on ingredients that are natural, like protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and even caffeine.  

There are many Herbalife products that are targeted to increase a person’s health and fitness levels. A few of the best-known products are Herbalife formula 1 shake mix, formula 2 multivitamin complex, and cell activator.  

You can’t speak of Herbalife products without also mentioning their shakes. Formula 1 claims Herbalife shakes to be healthy and can be used in a balanced diet. They’re also made with great ease to the consumer.  

The shakes made my Herbalife contain well over 20 essential vitamins and mineral which are essential to maintaining a healthy body. Herbalife claims that Formula 1 shakes contain protein and fiber, which are essential to boosting metabolism.  

Use of Herbalife Shakes 

These shakes are used by a significant number of consumers and have been used frequently in the past as an excellent weight loss solution. Creators of the shakes say that consuming Herbalife formula 1 shakes can work quite effectively for those suffering from excess weight or obesity. Herbalife shakes are claimed to have zero cholesterol.  

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Cost of Herbalife Shakes 

The cost of Herbalife shakes is not very high with all things considered. Consumers can make thirty servings of these shakes at a low cost of only $38. This means it costs about $1.30 for one shake. Reviews for Herbalife weight loss claims that many consumers were able to afford Herbalife with no problem.  


Many users consuming Herbalife products claimed to feel an increase in energy after consumption. This is likely the result of the addition of caffeine as one of the key ingredients in Herbalife products. Caffeine acts as a stimulant to a person’s nervous system which includes muscles and the heart.  


Some people said they disliked the taste; however, the majority says otherwise. According to most Herbalife product reviews, the top preferred flavor was Vanilla for Herbalife Formula 1. A significant downside that was mentioned in many Herbalife reviews is that Herbalife Formula 1 does contain soy and sugar. Professionals have claimed that soy has several compounds that may be harmful to the body, while sugar is of course not advised to be consumed on any weight loss program.  


The manufacturers of Herbalife shakes recommend the following usage: add two 25g helpings of Formula 1 powder into an eight-fluid-ounce container of soy milk. Note that it is also okay to use non-fat milk. Then, you can add ice and fresh fruit. After adding all the ingredients. 

cents, blend or stir the mixture until smooth. Herbalife claims that this method provides a nutritious and healthy snack.  

Herbalife manufacturers strongly advise against providing these shakes to anyone under the age of four years. Older children can consume the product but should combine the powder with one 12.5g helping of Formula 1 with eight fluid ounces of soy or non-fat milk.  

Pros and Cons 

It’s up to the consumer to weigh the pros and cons of using Herbalife products to reach their own conclusions. Some of the advantages of Herbalife include affordability and widely available to the consumer, well-detailed starter programs which means consumers can choose the program best suited for them, and the fact that Herbalife offers a three-day trial for users who maybe are more skeptical of the product. The offer is for first time users, which provides the opportunity to see if the products will cause problematic reactions.  

Some of the disadvantages include: affordability can be counteracted due to the requirement to use various packages over time. It ends up being that Herbalife shakes are an expensive weight loss venture for a lot of users which is especially true for those consuming the products over a long period of time. It is worth noting that some Herbalife reviewers claim that the shakes may become addictive over time. Many people have claimed to suffer irritability when not consuming the shakes. This irritability was cured after consuming more shakes. Many users enjoy the Vanilla flavor; however, some consumers did complain of an unappealing taste for the plain flavor. Few reviewers of Herbalife products also claimed to have certain stomach issues after consuming the Formula 1 shake 


It should go without saying that the most effective weight loss product should aid users to lose excess body weight while experiencing few if any side effects. The result of any weight loss product really depends on the ingredients the product contains. Herbalife doesn’t have a comprehensive listing of the ingredients in their products but claims their weight loss products contain the essential weight loss and management nutrients and proteins. However, users will be able to see the entirety of the ingredients on the packaging. Those ingredients are water, fruit flavors, caffeine, sodium benzoate, and a few other preservatives.  

It is worth noting that some Herbalife products also contain the following ingredients: sucralose, monosodium glutamate or MSG, soy proteins, canola oil, and carrageenan. It is strongly advised that consumers look into each of these ingredients and come to their own conclusion if they should be consuming them.  

Nutritional Supplements 

Overall, Herbalife is considered to be a top-rated firm for nutritional supplements. In addition to weight loss supplements, Herbalife has other products like drinks. Directions for the use of these products vary. The manufacturer’s website claims that in order to experience effective results, consumers should have these products on a daily basis.  

Scientific Evidence 

Despite having been available for over thirty years, there isn’t any proven scientific evidence that links Herbalife shakes or other Herbalife products with weight loss. However, this hasn’t kept Herbalife from maintaining their position as one of the top trusted names in weight loss aids while boasting the highest approval rating with many positive reviews.  

Few users didn’t record positive results whatsoever when using Herbalife products. Therefore, they left negative reviews claiming that they were never again recommending Herbalife products for anyone.  

Bottom Line 

Despite any of the claims made by Herbalife or reviewers of Herbalife products, users are highly encouraged to only consume products that are proven to work and have been clinically tested. It is also worth noting that many reviewers of Herbalife products have also used other dietary supplements alone in the past or in addition to Herbalife products. As always, it is very important to consult with a health care provider or medical professional before consuming any weight loss supplements.