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HACKADAYPRIZE: Vote for our Open Source Projects

Our Big Fan and collaborator Vittorio Loschiavo has recently presented four Open Source project (Snow Plow Robot, Lawnmower Robot, Mini Vertical Wind generator 3D printed and Cabinet for Arcade games) to “HACKADAYPRIZE 2018“.

You can help him with your vote!

These the OpenSource projects

1) Lawnmower Robot powered with a rechargeable battery with 10-watt solar panel. The battery is recharged via the solar panel or via the charging base. The chassis is made of ABS printed with a 3D printer, for the movement it uses two gear motors, to which are mounted two 150 mm diameter wheels and two pivoting wheels on the front are mounted. A nylon blade with 255 mm of diameter is attached to the shaft of a powerful engine (secured to the center of the robot) that allows grass cutting. The blade is equipped with protection and a sensor system that locks it immediately to prevent anyone from coming into contact during operation. Various ultrasonic, infrared and shock sensors allow detecting obstacles, while a particular sensor allows the robot to know where to cut without leaving the perimeter set. The robot can also be controlled with a model remote control or a PlayStation controller.



2) Snowplow Robot, remotely controlled, with strong mechanics, control electronics and powerful electric motors. The result is a miniature version of a real snowplow with caterpillars, motorized blade (that can be raised and moved) and light projector mounted on top to light the way in the dark. The robot can be remotely controlled by the PlayStation remote control.



3) Mini vertical wind generator with nylon blades and supports printed with a 3D printer, the structure made of aluminum and based on an electric motor with a power of 55 watts, usable as a current generator or dynamo. Can generate electricity that can be stored, using a charge regulator, in some batteries. By increasing the scale of the generator and using a more powerful electric motor, it is possible to realize a larger wind generator and more powerful. The wind generator can be mounted on the railing of a terrace or on a pole.



4) Cabinet for arcade video games that can be assembled without screws or nails, all simply by clamping the various parts. It can be made of plywood, MDF or printed with 3D printer. The size of the cabinet allows you to use a 7 or 10-inch monitor, while as commands it is predisposed to use a joystick and six buttons for the games. On the sides of the cabinet are available holes for installing speakers with 70 mm diameter, Credit and Start button. In the posterior part of a cabinet are available the power outlet, USB port, HDMI port for an external monitor, power-on / off switch. As a video game emulator, Raspberry Pi can be used (recommended, given the number of resources available for this application) or more.


  1. First off you have to register:

go on, and click on the “Join” button:

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Then click on “Sign up”

  1. Customize your profile:

Compile all required fields, click on
The “save your profile” button and Go ahead specifying what you’re Interested in.

  1. In your email box, look a for an email by “”, click on the “Verify email” button.
  1. Finally, go to and like all the projects:

Thank you very much!

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