How to Prevent Tannin Bleed Through

I build DIY furniture, I am often painting wood. Sometimes it’s new raw wood, and sometimes I’m covering up an old finish. White and light colored paint are particularly tricky because they are susceptible to tannin bleed through staining.

What are tannins? Tannins are natural occurring compounds found in many plants (including coffee, tea and grapes/wine). Wood contains tannin as well and it tends to seep to the surface, even after the wood is completely dried. Red colored wood is the worst culplrit, although it doesn’t have to be naturally pigmented to cause problems as well.


Dark Red Mahogany Wood Stain Tanin WM

More than once, I’ve gone through the recommended steps (sanding, priming, two coats of paint, 2-3 coats of clear) to paint a cabinet or old piece of furniture, just to see little pink spots coming to the surface. It’s so frustrating!

Red Brown Tannin Bleed Through White Paint Fix WM 3000

How to Prevent Tannin Bleed Through

Sometimes it’s small spots and sometimes it’s large, discolored blobs, but tannin is almost always to blame. I’ve tried just about every kind of primer you can buy, but even with “stain blocking” primers, I’ve experienced bleed-through. The only product that has yet to fail me is my old standby shellac.

Zinsser Shellac Primer White Paint Bleed Through WM

I’ve used shellac for a long time to get a smooth finish when painting MDF, but it also makes an amazing tannin blocking primer as well. It comes in a brushable formula or in an aerosol can.

Brush Shellac Tannin Stain Primer 3000

Shellac tries very quickly and can be covered in any kind of finish (oil-based, water-based, lacquer, etc.). I have started applying a coat or two prior to painting, every time I’m using a light color.

White Paint Shellac Primer Prevent Bleed Through WM

Now what if you just have one or two problem spots? Knot holes can cause particular trouble.

Knot Hole Tannin Bleed White Paint WM 3000

Sometimes the painted surface will look perfectly even, then days, weeks, or even months later those dang tannin stains from the knots work their way out.

When I built my modern bachelor chests, I primed the raw wood with BIN, stain blocking primer and thought I was good. Sadly, after a couple months, the knots started to rear their ugly heads.

Knot Hole White Paint Tanin Stain Wood WM

However, I’ve recently discovered a secret weapon. Clear nail polish! Yep, the simple top coat you use for your manicure can seal those stubborn knots.

Clear Nail Polish Cover Knot Wood Tanin Stain WM 3000

It’s easy to brush on one or two coats onto problem areas, without having the cover the entire surface. I’ve also used this trick to seal spots that have been touched up with a stain pen, which I’ve discovered is almost impossible to cover.

Cover Knot Hole Nail Polish Hack Bleed Through WM

In the sample board below, you can see the indention from the knot (easily smoothed out with wood filler), but all the dark pigment is safely sealed beneath the surface.

Painting Light Paint Over Raw Wood Knots

So next time you pull out the white paint, make sure you tackle the tannin first! Grab yourself some shellac and a bottle of clear nail polish, and you have a simple solution for bleed through.

How To Prevent Tannin Bleed Through Painted Wood | Trouble with tanning bleed through on your handmade DIY or refinished furniture? These two easy tips will prevent a spotty finish from ruining your painted wood project. #remodelaholic

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Friday Favorites: Lattice Wainscoting and Reasons to Paint

Hello again, Remodelaholics! What started out as a beautiful spring-like week has ended in SNOW here… no matter how many years I live in Utah, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to this springtime tradition, haha! For this week’s  Friday Favorites, we have some amazing projects to show you, like XXXX (Remember, our Remodelaholics Anonymous link sharing has now moved over to our blogger group on Facebook, and we have a new Remodelaholics Anonymous group for anyone, blog or not, to join and share projects, ask questions, and get inspired!)

Friday Favorites

Favorite kid-friendly space: It’s easy to focus sometimes on making a space beautiful without remembering to make it for kids, real kids! Abbotts at Home did a great job on her boys’ room, and this magnet and lego board makes an awesome play area!

Lego And Magnet Board In A Boys Room, Abbotts At Home


Favorite reason to dust: I jest, because every time we post pictures of a beautiful wall treatment like this, we are inundated with comments about all the dusting it would require! I can’t say this lattice wall treatment would dust itself, but doesn’t it add such beautiful interest to an otherwise comfy but basic nook?! Get the tutorial for a similar style trellis wainscot here. (Photo ©Remodelaholic | Home built by Millhaven Homes, Designed by Millhaven Interiors)

PS: We found a similar quatrefoil pendant light here, if you love that, too!

Favorite blues: I love the look of the blue and white porcelain — and some of these are even hand-painted by Lantern Lane Designs! Can you guess which ones?

Blue Painted Vases And Jars, Lantern Lane Designs

Favorite delicious flavor: If you love pineapple, what do you think of this floral pineapple doormat! Doesn’t it look like summer just rolled up to the doorstep?

Floral Pineapple Doormat

Favorite not-white interior: Yeah, the walls are still white, but the dark cabinetry gives this home office a dramatic flair and so much character! What’s your favorite part? (Photo ©Remodelaholic | Home built by Brinkerhoff Construction)

Favorite closet: Having an organized closet is always the goal… but usually more of a far-off goal than a realistically achieved goal in this house… Queen Bee of Honey Dos built and installed this amazing custom closet organizer, and she’s sharing her tips for not only designing and installing it, but saving  money while doing it!

Diy Custom Closet System, Queen Bee Of Honey Dos

Favorite wallpaper: This classic herringbone pattern gives @theheartandhaven’s breakfast nook a POW! And it looks a lot like the faux wallpaper we painted live with y’all here, so great minds decorate alike!

PS: If you haven’t browsed the #imaremodelaholic tag over on Instagram, you are missing out on some beautiful spaces by talented people!

It’s officially been a year since I started my IG account, so its fitting to share my breakfast nook since this is where it all began. _________________________ Our kitchen reno had been complete for over a year and my sister kept on telling me I HAD to post it to Instagram. I had no idea how to even post a picture but more than that, I was so apprehensive about putting myself out there. What if no one liked my style? Would people think I was full of myself? What if I was a failure? You mean I have to clean my house now just to take pictures?! _________________________ Seriously though, it’s crazy how we can defeat ourselves before even trying, how we can be our own worst critics, how we can have so much self-doubt. But then I thought about what I try to instill in my children: perseverance, confidence, the willingness to try new things, following their passion. So here I am. __________________________ I’ve found so much support and encouragement from this talented IG community. I’m inspired by you and really lifted up by the kindness here. So many boss ladies and boss lady mommas sharing their heart and their creativity. __________________________ If you are still reading this, THANK YOU for following along. And, more importantly, does this mean I get to eat cake?! • • • • • • • • #liketkit #LTKhome #apartmenttherapy #bhghome #sodomino #myscoutandnimble #homewithrue #myhousebeautiful #inmydomaine #myoklstyle #smpliving #howwedwell #theeverygirl #smmakelifebeautiful #currenthomeview #mytradhome #ruffledblog #flashesofdelight #kitcheninspo #wallpaper #imaremodelaholic #nestingwithgracefeature #cljsquad #cottonstemheartsnooks #sharemecrystalanninteriors #serenaandlily #beckiowensfeature #lcdotcomloves #thedesigntwinslove

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Favorite reason to bust out the paint trays: Vinyl flooring can last forever, but the aesthetics are not so long-lasting… so why not PAINT it! Cherished Bliss painted hers to look like cement tile and it’s so beautiful in her laundry room!

Paint Vinyl Floor To Look Like Cement Tile, Cherished Bliss

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Five Crucial Steps For A Successful Home Building Project

There have been a ton of people who get tempted to begin home remodeling projects, which have them wanting to dive into whatever they want and hoping that they’ll be able to finish it sooner when they begin it immediately. It may sound easy to plan it out but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way unless you haven’t planned it out as efficiently as you should. Brisbane building designers have their own different ways on running their own business or planning but even then, homeowners would still need to follow the same steps to get to constructing their home!

If you don’t know where to start, I’ll be showing you the five crucial steps for a successful home building project.

  • Choosing a Design Professional

When you’re about to begin the plan and a detailed scope of work, homeowners would hire architects or interior designers to ensure that the plan is feasible and looks great. Every company would do things differently, with design licensing varying within the states. Designers would work on projects which don’t require major additions or structural work, also offering assistance with what to choose in terms of colors and materials. Architects, however, have a wide range of work or would only take care of the floor plans and permits, leaving the details to the designer.

I would recommend that you have an in-person meeting with who you hire, which can take a few weeks depending on how many you are interviewing. That way, you’ll know the services they can offer and the budget.

Once you have chosen a firm to work with, it’s time to start planning. There are many effective ways to reach your design goals and as long as you work with someone reputable and skilled, you won’t have any problems.

We start off with schematic designs, involving the rough layout of the floor plan with simple views of your homes exterior. It may take time for the designer to work things out and about a week or so before the homeowner makes the decision to push through it. If the project is larger, it can take a few months.

Contractors are usually brought into the plan when the final schematic design has been agreed upon. The design would have the general idea of what the hole looks like from the outside, as well as a floor plan and material selection. That way, you have the estimate of how much it costs.

Contractors would estimate the costs of the whole design, which can take about a few weeks and another two to three weeks to interview candidates and receive the estimates. Make sure to do your research before deciding what contractor to hire, though!

  • Shopping While It’s Being Done

The material and color selections can get quite overwhelming. It’s best not to underestimate the number of things needed. Remember to select everything required ahead of construction to keep count of your overall project costs. That way, the contractor will be able to tell you the prices for what you want and to schedule the purchases of materials based on the schedule made. Give yourself about one or two months to choose everything while your designer or architect works on finalizing the drawings.

And finally, before construction begins, start getting the required permits to allow construction in your neighborhood. Depending on where you are located, it can take a day up to years before it gets accepted. Be knowledgeable on how to file permits in your areas, as well as how long it would usually take so you have a start date for the project. Additionally, check how much the permits would cost, depending on the size of your project.

And once everything has been set and submitted, it’s time to finish the pricing and write the contract for construction! It will take a few months until the project is complete but at least there will be no more issues once the plan and permits have been finalized.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! When you begin a home building project, you have to ensure that you’re knowledgeable with what you need and how to implement it before you begin construction. If not, you won’t be able to run a successful project and get things done with your home!

Hopefully, these five crucial steps for a successful home building project helped you become more knowledgeable with what needs to be done prior to the construction itself. So don’t wait any longer and begin utilizing these steps today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on planning a home building project, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

Top tips for the perfect custom build house

Building a house from scratch is the dream most of us have, but it can be a lot harder than you think. Herein we consider the top tips for building a custom house from scratch and finally being able to live out your ultimate fantasy.

Know what you’re getting into

The first important step is to seriously consider what you are getting into. A house design and build project will be massive and it will take up a huge amount of your time. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you take on a custom build project, so take your time to make the decision.

Hire the right people

When building a custom home you need the right people and you need the people with experience building custom homes. Custom home builders with experience running a project from start to finish will be invaluable and you should not start until you find them.

Think about the finished product

A house is about more than shape and feel, it is also about living in it. You need to consider how the furniture will work and how the finished product will look at every stage of the design and build. Always remember the final design you are looking for.

Ignore the before shots

It is tempting when building a home to worry and want to edit elements as they go up. It is important to remember, however, that you are seeing the before photo during the build. Things will look worse before they look better and some progressive steps will make the property look terrible. Bear with it and the great will shine through in the end.

Expect mistakes

Some mistakes will occur in any custom build and you should be prepared for these. Sometimes the design just won’t fit together as you imagined and these mistakes can be devastating at the time. In reality, however, these ‘mistakes’ can result in innovative solutions that will give your home character and style in the end.

Communicate everything

The final important step is to communicate everything and assume nothing. If you assume that something will happen but don’t ask for it then it won’t happen. When you are taking on residential construction services you need to be clear on exactly what you want.

Building your own home is the most rewarding way to set yourself up in your own world. Just make sure you know what you are taking on and be sure to get the right professionals involved to realise your dreams.

Easter Crafts: Easter Bunny Napkins & Spring Wreath

Easter is widely celebrated around the world. It is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. But it is also a time for family gatherings and a symbolic beginning of the spring season. The Easter Bunny is also a widely recognized folkloric figure and symbol of Easter.  Get started on your Easter celebration with these easy Easter crafts!

How to Make Easter Crafts That The Whole Family Will Love

Easter is a time to celebrate and bring the whole family together. You can get into the Easter spirit by decorating your home with colorful Easter eggs, flowers and a lovely burlap spring wreath. And then on the holiday itself, impress guests with fun, origami bunny napkins. It is a delightful surprise the whole family will appreciate.

Easter Crafts: Bunny Napkin Fold Craft Supplies

  • Durable paper napkins (1 napkin makes 1 bunny)

Easter Bunny Napkin Fold Craft Directions

  1. Start with a square napkin and unfold it completely. Then fold it in half forming a horizontal rectangle.
  2. Fold it again in half lengthwise to form a longer, thinner rectangle.
  3. Then, fold the top corners down along the center line.
  4. Fold up the bottom corners to meet the center. Your napkin should be in the shape of a square.
  5. Bring the left and right edges in together on the center line. Your napkin should now be shaped like a kit. Flip this upside down and turn it around.
  6. Turn up the bottom point to create a triangle.
  7. To fasten, fold the left and right corners back then tuck one corner into the pocket of the other.
  8. Turn the bunny around so that it’s facing you and adjust the ears as necessary.

Easter Crafts: Wreath Supplies

  • Metal wreath form
  • Two 5″ burlap rolls (12-15 yards)
  • Glue gun
  • Embellishments (your choice)

Easter Wreath Directions

  1. Start by looping one end of the burlap through the wire wreath form. Continue weaving the burlap in and out of the metal form forming loops as you go.
  2. Continue this process until the entire wreath is filled. The more burlap you use the fuller the wreath will be. When you’re done you’ll want to “fluff up” any twisted loops and move the burlap around to conceal the metal frame.
  3. Glue on embellishments with a hot glue gun. Hang your wreath and enjoy!

Show Off That Easter Spirit with These Easter Crafts

Celebrate the Easter spirit by decorating your home and preparing for the upcoming holiday. Impress family and friends with these simple, yet elegant crafts. The bunny napkins add a bit a fun to your Easter brunch or dinner and the wreath adds that touch of sophistication. If you are looking for other easy Easter crafts, check out our blog post, “Easy Easter Crafts.” We also offer some fun, outside of the egg carton Easter egg coloring ideas. And for more Easter fun, check out our “Ideas for Easter Games.”

Have a very happy Easter! And, we’d love to see your bunnies or wreaths. Share it with us on Pinterest!

Spring/Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. And that means plenty of activities to keep you busy. From BBQs and pool parties to baseball games and golf outings, summer is always jam-packed with things to do. But you also have to make time for maintenance and the things that need to be done around the home this time of year. Improvements put together a spring/summer home maintenance checklist to help you prepare.


Prepare Your Home for Spring and Summer

With the change of season, it is a great time to appraise your situation. Take inventory of your home and figure out what you need, what you don’t and what improvements you can make. It is also a great time of year for routine maintenance of your home. This handy spring/summer home maintenance checklist will help get you started and get you ready to truly enjoy summer this year. Some make some lemonade and get started!

Say Goodbye to Winter

Put all of your winter items away! Pack up the flannel sheets, put away the winter clothes, snowman decorations and whatever else you still have lying around! Make room for your summer clothes and fun summer decorations. Bring out the iced tea pitcher and hang up a clothesline in the yard to take advantage of the spring breeze and summer heat. Plus, you will save money by not using your dryer.

Do a Deep Cleaning

This is a time-consuming task but you will thank yourself once it is done. Clean your house from top to bottom, every room too, from the attic to the basement. This is a great time of year to make sure nothing moved into your attic or basement during the winter months. If you find any critters, deal with the problem immediately. You can read more on spring cleaning and pest control to get some fantastic tips.

Make Sure Your AC Works

Call the HVAC company and have them out pronto! They can service and tuneup the air conditioning unit at a much more cost-efficient rate before the hot weather settles in. If you wait until the throws of summer and your AC goes out, you will pay a much higher fee to have a technician rush out. Doing it now, you can schedule for when it’s convenient for you and make any needed repairs before you need to use the appliance. This is also a great time to change your AC and furnace filters too! If you need to replace the unit, look into an energy-efficient model. A lot of utility companies or cities offer discounts for upgrading to energy-efficient appliances.

Inspect Your Home for Winter Damage

Roofs and siding can easily be damaged during the winter months due to snow accumulation and the subsequent moisture. Inspect siding and roof shingles for post-winter rot. Look for missing shingles and cracks or crevices around the chimney. Power washing the house is a great idea and will bring to light any problem areas with paint or damaged exterior. Also, check your outdoor spigots and irrigation system to ensure it is in working order after a long winter. Repair the damage immediately.

Wash Your Windows and Clean the Gutters

This is the time of year you want to be able to open your windows and enjoy the fresh scents of spring. Remove the storm windows if you have them. Clean the window screens and breath in that fresh air! Being closed for months, windows will develop a layer of dust and need a good, thorough cleaning. Also, check the sealant around your windows and check for any sign of leaks or water damage. Repair any damage.

Next up on the home maintenance checklist, clean all of the debris out of your gutters. With the spring and summer showers on their way, you want to make sure your gutters are clear and ready to handle the rainwater. Check out our blog on gutter cleaning for more tips and to make sure you stay safe while accomplishing this task.

Clean the Outdoor Furniture, Grill and Summer Gear

Spring and summer is BBQ season. Prepare the grill early so it is ready to cook on the first warm day. Buy a new or refill your old propane tank and hook everything up to make sure it’s all working. Check the starter button to make sure the grill ignites. If you use a charcoal grill, get that ready too. Clean it and buy new charcoal. If you need some tips on the proper way to clean your grill, visit our blog on BBQ Cleaning Tips.

Get your outdoor furniture out of storage and hose it down. Wash your outdoor cushions too and hang to dry or dry flat. Thoroughly look over cushion for any damage or bug infestations. They can provide a warm place to live depending on where you store them during the offseason. Clean your patio floor too with these great tips.

While you’re at it, get out the golf clubs, baseball equipment and the like and give it a cleaning too. Oil up the baseball mitt and polish up your putter! Now you are ready for some summer fun as well as checking off the mundane items on the home maintenance checklist.

Get Your Summer Tools Ready

Gas up the lawnmower and check its engine to ensure it’s ready to do its job. Clean and sharpen any blades as well. (Be very careful.) Inspect your weed whacker and edger and clean off any old mud and debris. Get out your gardening tools and inspect for damage, as well. Clean them, lubricate any springs or hinges, and prepare to plant this year’s crop. Do you have all of the essential gardening tools? Here’s what we consider the 7 Must-Have Gardening Tools and Their Purpose

Start Landscaping Plans

Even if your climate isn’t exactly ready for planting just yet, you can put a landscape plan together. Budget out the cost for do it yourself and compare it to that of a professional firm. 

If you are able to start pruning, weeding and planting, then go for it. Choose the best plants and tree options for your climate and this time of year. Landscaping should be well thought out in advance of getting started. Here are some Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas.

Decorate for Warm Weather

Now that you have your cleaning and maintenance done, it’s time to get out your summer decor and have a little fun. Or choose a new theme for this summer and buy some new fun decorations for your patio or 3-season room. Add a bit of summer flare to your kitchen, bathroom and living room too. Area rugs and door mats are a great way to add some new seasonal decorations to your home and outdoor living space.

Make a Summer Budget and Plan for Fun

With all of the activities that summer brings about, it is important to make sure you don’t break the bank doing so many fun things. List out what you have to do (and compare with this home maintenance checklist) and estimate costs. Prepay for as much as you possibly can, and be realistic. By preparing your budget early, you will be able to fit in more activities. Stick to your budget too. If you can’t afford to do it all, that’s OK. Summer is a great time for free activities too. The park is great for free fun. Enjoy a picnic or a read a book under a tree. Take your dog for a walk or volunteer at an animal shelter, camp, zoo, etc. for some more free fun.

Summer is the time for fun! So make sure you are really ready to kick it off in style by getting some of these non-fun tasks from this home maintenance checklist out of the way now. It always pays off, in the end, to be as prepared as possible in the beginning. Plus, with preparation, you can better deal with the unexpected that will undoubtedly pop up along the way.

Decorating Tips: Redecorate Your Home for Summer

Summertime evokes that airy, happy, colorful, light, bright, and relaxed feeling. And you want your home to reflect that as well. You can easily redecorate your home for summer with these easy, affordable decorating tips.

Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Summer-Ready

To get your home ready for summer, you don’t have to bust your budget and completely remodel. You can easily redecorate your home for summer with a few quick items. It is really more about replacing your cozy winter items with fresh, breezy summery items. Open your windows, let in the breeze and follow these few decorating tips to capture that perfect summertime feeling with your home decor.

Simply Redecorate Your Home with a Pop of Color

By adding in a burst of bright colors, you can easily transform any room into a summer-ready haven. Toss a couple of bright yellow, green or pink throw pillows onto your sofa or porch swing and you’ll instantly feel ready for summer. Add a bold pattern chair cushion or furniture cover in bright summer colors. Area rugs and hand towels are more easy ways to add color and invoke the feeling of summer. Change up the towels and rugs in your bathroom with the seasons; you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes. Another great way to introduce summertime colors is with plastic or melamine dinnerware and glassware. It allows you to have fun without spending a lot of money. Plus, there are always fun colors and patterns available.

Summer is a great time to try something new and step outside of your typical design style. Have fun, be bold and enjoy the color! Mix and match patterns and bold colors to create a new aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to try different things.

Add Life to Home Decor with Fresh Flowers

There is no better way to welcome summer and friends and family than with fresh-cut flowers or blooming plants. Keep your favorite flowers and plants growing on your patio, deck or garden so you can cut and bring them inside for centerpieces or a large vase on a coffee table or mantel. Switch it up all summer long by bringing home different flowers. Fresh bouquets are instant mood boosters and offer a brightness to any room.

Put fresh herbs in the kitchen for summer. Basil is great in a pot on its own and will easily last the whole summer. Plus, it’s great in summer pasta, salads, and cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, mint is also great to grow in your kitchen. Either set out individual pots or get a larger planter. Wall planters are great for herbs in the kitchen and so practical because they don’t take up counter space.

Bathrooms are a great place to add a fresh plant or flowers. Try an aloe plant so you have it on hand to help with the inevitable summer sunburn. Sunflowers in a tall floor vase are a great summer accent too. Or a fresh bouquet on the sink will brighten up the room.

Make your flowers and plants even more summery by using a nontraditional vase or planting vessel. Try planting succulents in a large seashell. Use a quaint metal watering can as a flowerpot. Consider using a mason jar for cut flowers. Think outside of the vase and use your favorite summer items to plant your favorite flowers. Check out our blog on how to choose a houseplant for each room of your home for more great ideas.

Invoke the Summer Through Scents

Flowers and herbs are great for adding summer scents in your home, but this can also be achieved through candles, air fresheners and more. Get a coconut-scented candle to make you feel like you are at the beach even if you’re stuck in the city. Add a cucumber melon-scented soap to your bathroom for a fresh, summer scent. Switch out your regular dish soap for a citrus-scented one. Get fresh linen scented gel beads to add to your table centerpiece. A freshly mowed lawn candle is great especially if you live in an apartment and miss that fresh summer scent. There are plenty of options to really make your home feel summery just because of the scent you choose. Keep it light, fruity and florally.

Are you ready to try these summer decorating tips?

Making your home look ready for summer really can be this easy. Simply add a pop of color, a fresh scent or a floral arrangement and see how much airier and brighten your home becomes. This is a great start and may inspire you to dig deeper and paint a wall a light summer color or add a new piece of summer furniture or even paint your whole home. But until you are ready to completely redecorate your home, these summery decorating tips will do the trick. Once you have your indoors ready for summer, check out our blog on How to Create a Dreamy Outdoor Living Space to get started on the outside. Happy summer! What are some ways you add a bit of summer flare to your home decor?

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

It can be easy to overlook your outdoor space in colder months. For this year’s Patio Style Challenge, Diana of Diana Elizabeth was inspired to transform her unused patio space into the perfect area for working, relaxing, or entertaining. Follow along her style journey to find out how to easily create a multi-functional outdoor space of your own.

Unused Patio Space

We have two patios in our backyard and this particular patio space has been overlooked for years. It’s been more of a pass-through area to get to my photography studio or an entrance area when you walk through the gate to meet us in the backyard.

I have always desired to give this area some TLC, especially since my photo studio clients see this area first. This year, we plan to enclose our main patio, therefore this will be our main patio. So now seems like a better time than any to give it some attention.

A Clean Slate

Though I live in Phoenix, I am heavily inspired by Southern traditional style.  I love the look of porch railings and had our handyman build the wood rails to make the space feel more enclosed.

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

I gave our deck a fresh coat of Behr Porch & Patio Floor Paint in Fresh Cement. It’s been a few years since I painted it. It’s so easy to use and doesn’t require a paint tray. I poured it right on the floor and start rolling it! It really does look like freshly poured cement!

Adding Personality

I was inspired to decorate with a theme similar to The Ivy, a popular Beverly Hills restaurant frequented by celebs. Since I am a gardener with five raised garden and flower beds on the other side of my backyard, the floral theme was a great fit for my backyard!

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio SpaceRejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

I bought a set of red gingham placemats, found some red and green gingham pillows, and striped pillows. I also set the table using florals from my garden. My color theme is colors you’d find in a garden!

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

I decided against a doormat and wanted to stencil “Welcome” on the floor instead. Since I am a graphic designer, I created a custom font and found a seller to create a floor stencil. It wasn’t exactly easy with the bumpy floor, but with a tiny brush I touched up any bleed lines.

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

Now my clients can see a friendly “Welcome” when they arrive to my photo studio. Plus, it cheers me up every time I go in and out.


We love to host. I’m often throwing celebratory showers and inviting friends and family over for meals outdoors since the weather is glorious in Phoenix most of the year.

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

We added the Camden Light Brown 7-piece Wicker Outdoor Dining Set with Sunbrella Canvas Cushions. I picked beige cushions, but I was eyeing the spa color too!

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio SpaceRejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

I moved the repurposed headboard turned bench I bought from a local shop. I thought adding a small trestle dining table would be a sweet spot for kiddos, or me and a cup of coffee with my laptop answering emails, as I stared out at my garden.

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

I also loved the floral blue and white porcelain garden stool for a side table or additional seating. I gave this old bench, which was rusty, a fresh coat of glossy Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X green spray paint (two cans) in Meadow Green and it looked like I just bought a new bench from the store! I’m so glad I didn’t sell it on Craigslist like I tried for $15!

I can pull up this green bench to the other side of the trestle dining table and have more seating for a larger party!

Brick flower beds

Nothing like a style challenge or an upcoming party (in my case a bridal shower this month) to encourage you to tackle those home projects you’ve been wanting to do!

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

We had makeshift brick border we made ourselves with leftover bricks we found but I wanted something more structured. The handyman laid a real double brick border around my rose beds, which are starting to bloom again!

Rejuvenating Your Unused Patio Space

We also added stairs too, and I chose the used clay bricks as I wanted to add some character to our 1952 home. The rose bushes with fresh mulch and the brick border really softens and makes this porch look warm and welcome!

Thanks so much for checking out our patio makeover!

Create a patio retreat of your own with the help of The Home Depot. Find more Patio Style Challenge ideas on the Home Depot blog.

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night with Ashley of the Jeep Girls

Get the most use out of your patio by creating an area that can be enjoyed both day and night. See how Ashley Hill of The Jeep Girls styled her patio for outdoor entertaining for this year’s Patio Style Challenge.

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Our favorite aspect of living in Chicago is summer because of festivals, friends, and warm nights spent outside. Designing the ultimate outdoor space is something we have always talked about creating, but never gave proper time or thought. We’ve had a welcome stream of houseguests over the past few months, and we’re tickled to finally have a space for outdoor entertaining!

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Choosing the Right Patio Set

We wanted an outdoor space that could accommodate the most amount of people, so we selected the Hampton Bay Oak Cliff 7-Piece Metal Outdoor Dining Set with Cushion Inserts (the slipcovers are sold separately and come in a ton of fun colors). A much needed upgrade from our old set! For the cushions, together we discussed that a darker color would wear the temperamental weather that exists in Chicago, even in the summer. For an all-American theme, the navy Hampton Bay Oak Cliff Sky Patio Dining Chair Slipcover (Pack of 2) fit our style well. For six chairs, we purchased three packs.

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Add Lighting

Next for the fun part! Since most of our time in the backyard with friends is spent at night, we really wanted to bring an element of festive light to our home! Luckily, Home Depot’s patio section has some really great options! We always have an umbrella at our outdoor table, so finding one that served both day and night was a bonus, plus it looks amazing! Our umbrella, in Chili, is a Hampton Bay 9 ft. Aluminum Solar Crank and Tilt Patio Umbrella.  The umbrella charges via a screw-on solar panel top and clicks on and off for nighttime use. It also tilts and is lightweight!

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Some of the other witty, pretty things we found for our table were a variety of red, white, and blue inspired outdoor pillows! We love the Ruby Flamingos Square Outdoor Throw Pillow! We also selected the Mariner Stripe Square Outdoor Throw Pillow and  Mariner Paisley Square Outdoor Throw Pillow.

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Some other clever ready to go, but DIY inspired items that we just had to have were these cute 5 in. Mason Jar Lanterns! They are so lovely for a dinner party. We placed them next to every guest to keep summer mosquitoes away while everyone bathes in a festive warm glow!

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Finishing Touches

As for the finishing touches, we used the 18.9 in. Round Metal Garden Stool in Chili as an end table, and a few more lanterns with LED candles to accessorize.

We’re so excited for the warmer weather in the Windy City so that we can open our backyard to grill and toast to making new memories! With our new gear in place, our backyard is always open should you find yourself passing through the area!

Outdoor Entertaining from Day to Night

Create your own day to night outdoor entertainment space with the help of Home Depot. Find more Patio Style Challenge ideas on the Home Depot blog.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio with Yuni Min of LoveYourAbode

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. For this year’s Patio Style Challenge, Yuni Min of Love Your Abode maximized her patio area by shifting around her current dining set to make room for a comfortable seating set. Check out her styling tips as she adds seating, pops of color, and greenery to liven up her patio for Spring!

I can not tell you how excited I am about sharing our spring patio reveal with you. If you’re anything like me, you are probably itching for warmer weather to arrive. Well, at least without all the nasty pollen. We’ve had some crazy fickle weather here in Georgia and I’m looking forward to warmer, drier weather so that we can spend more time outdoors. Thanks to the Home Depot, our patio looks completely different now and our family is looking forward to spending a lot more time out here. This is what we started with.


Basically, everything is dead in this picture. Don’t ask me why I kept my dried out mum over there in the corner either. This area gets super neglected during the winter, so that’s my excuse! As you can see, our backyard patio is on the smaller size. We love our Hampton Bay Woodbury 7-Piece Wicker Outdoor Patio Dining Set from the Home Depot. We bought it two seasons ago. It has stood the test of time and is still available for purchase! Are you ready to see our new and improved spring patio space?


Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

HA! I know!! Yes, it’s the same exact space. I can’t believe it either. It’s crazy what some plants can do to a space along with a new beautiful patio set and some styling.

I really wanted a conversational set but didn’t think that was realistic due to the small space. We rotated the dining set to one side and there was plenty of room for this sectional. I still can’t believe we were able to fit both sets out here comfortably.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

Styling Details

This sectional is from the Hampton Bay Riley Collection and the color of the cushions is Charleston. And yes, I did eat those cookies. That’s the perk of styling, my friends. You get to eat all the things.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

Because my garden is still dead and everything is dry out here, I made sure to add color with my decor and lots of plants. That just makes everything look alive again. If you don’t pay close attention to the sad condition of my grass, it really does look like spring!

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

I’m most happy when I get to create a tablescape for my favorite people so we can enjoy a meal together. I imagine a lot of get togethers out here with family and friends. I love that the Riley Collection gives you the option to buy a matching Hampton Bay Tipton Fire Pit. We broke it in the same night I took these photos and our kids had the best time roasting marshmallows and cozying up by the fire.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

This neutral rug is great because it has a simple pattern and looks way much better than concrete. I love how rugs anchor the furniture and they help divide living spaces especially when it shares one open space.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

I picked up a bunch of plants from Home Depot because they add so much life to any outdoor space. Every spring, we load the kids to Home Depot and we buy all our garden seeds, flowers and plants. It’s become a fun spring tradition getting our garden back into shape. Plus, these kids need to get to work!

Cozying Up the Space

I was so happy to find this Hampton Bay 9 ft. Umbrella since our old one was ready to be retired. I love that this umbrella has the ability to pivot so you can angle it to block direct sunlight. It also comes in a bunch of different colors. The beautiful Nuloom Verona Blue Area Rug can be found online at the Home Depot. I’ve bought a couple of rugs online and the Home Depot has an amazing selection. I styled it for the photo but do not recommend placing one under a fire pit that is in use.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

I added a bunch of pillows and a throw blanket to cozy up the spring patio space. This is a simple way to create an inviting atmosphere both indoor and out.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

We are ready for some outdoor entertaining! Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

Sprucing Up Your Spring Patio

Our family had the best time roasting marshmallows since the weather was still a bit chilly. Even my little nephew joined in on the fun. I foresee a lot of s’mores in our future and I ain’t mad about it! Thank you so much, Home Depot, for bringing our dead patio back to life. Thank you all for reading and be sure to follow along with me on Instagram where I share lots of decorating tips and crazy day to day shenanigans.

Give your patio a makeover for Spring with the help of The Home Depot. Find more Patio Style Challenge ideas on the Home Depot blog.