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Best Juicers Reviews: What You Need to Know

The juice is excellent. It’s even better when you make your own. It is fresh and free of additives, to begin with.  For that, you’ll need a juicer. This way, you can squeeze out and extract the healthy nutrients and the enzymes required by your body to stay healthy. To enjoy an even more excellent experience, you’ll need the best juicer machine out there. You’ll need to settle on a juicer machine that is tailored according to your needs, or with qualities that meet your requirements. In this article, we have discussed about Best Juicers Reviews.

What is Juicing, and What are Juicers?

Juicing is the procedure by which juices are extracted from plant or fruit nutrients. Another meaning is adding raw or fresh fruit and vegetable juices to one’s diet as a health or weight loss mechanism. The juice comes out as fresh as it is squeezed out of raw foods with no artificial additives. A juicer is a machine that is used to extract juice out of natural plants and fruits.

What are the Different Types of Juicers?

Juicers arrive in various types and take several forms. Before settling on a juicer, it is advisable to decide on a class that meets your requirements. However, settling on one can be a bit of a task, as each juicer comes with pros and cons uniquely tied to it. The main types commonly found are Masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers, and triturating juicers. You might also run into other additional categories, such as the citrus juicers. We will look at these categories extensively to figure out the key differences and what makes each one of them stand out from the other.

Masticating Juicer

Masticating Juicer

A masticating juicer works a lot like teeth. The vegetables are crushed into pulps. The juicy pulp is then squeezed against a mesh, extracting the juice while sieving out the pulp. The pulp is then ejected after the mash has been drained of liquid. It is sometimes called the single gear juicer or the cold-pressed juicer. This is because heat is not produced during the juice extraction process. It is also called a slow juicer. Compared to centrifugal juicers, they actually extract more juice hence higher yields. The juice is also of better quality. They are also quieter and produce less noise.

Centrifugal Juicer


Centrifugal Juicer

It has a spinning basket made of mesh designed to squeeze out and extract juice through the mesh—a blade attached to the motor slices the contents into tiny shreds. Just as the name already suggests, centrifugal force is heavily used here to extract the juice by separating it from the shredded mash.  Since it is an electric juicer, it saves a lot on time and is efficient. The liquid is squeezed out in a short time compared to the masticating juicer. They also cost a lot less to buy.

Triturating Juicer

Triturating Juicer

Also known as the twin gear juicer, this is the most advanced type of juicer when looking at the different styles making it the most efficient model. It relies on two interlocking gears to grind the raw food fed into it, producing juice. It is not limited to a specific category of fruits or vegetables as it can grind almost all sorts of foods, ranging from hard nuts to wheatgrass, making it stand out among its peers.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Juicing?

It is no secret that fresh juices are healthier than processed juices bought at the food stores. Besides, it saves you lots of bucks while also keeping your vitals healthy.  You get the best out of fresh juice, as all the nutrients and vitamins are all richly accounted for without having to consume uncomfortable vast amounts of fruits and vegetables. Your body also requires antioxidants and enzymes, which are hardly available in bottled fruit juices sold at the stores.  Plus, they’re way healthier as there are no human-made additives involved. This means you always have control of what you decide to add to your juice. Since all you’re having is a glass of refreshing juice, digestion is way more comfortable.

It would equally be fair to admit that juicing has its risks. Firstly, juicing must not be assumed to be a direct replacement for other foods. Fruits have nutrients that are retained in the juices. However, the skin that is sometimes thrown away after peeling also contains fiber, which helps indigestion. While the peelings are edible, they’re peeled off during juicing and probably gotten rid of.

Juicing may require you to dig deeper into your pockets, causing financial strain. You will have to spend more on fruits and vegetables.

People generally prefer fruit juices and a few vegetable juices. Fruit juices are sweet in nature hence contain natural sugars. This can still result in increased blood sugar levels in the body. Fruit juices are rich in carbohydrates since they contain sugars—excessive carbohydrate intake results in weight gain.

Some juices aren’t incredibly fun to drink, especially those extracted from vegetables. They taste strange and may sometimes have an unfriendly smell despite being totally healthy for consumption.

What are the Best Juicers in 2019?

Deciding on the best juicer depends on several factors, including quality, the amount of yield, and even efficiency. If you’re a first-timer, you might need several online opinions and even consult further with a qualified nutritionist.

We’ll look at the best juicer for every type we’ve covered. Masticating juicers come in different models. The most popular one this year that has caught everybody’s attention is the Omega-NC900HDC Juicer Extractor. This juicer can squeeze fruits as well as vegetables.

In the centrifugal juicer type, the grinding process is powered by electricity making it faster. The Breville JE98XL should do it for you in this category. You don’t have to cut the fruits or vegetables down to smaller pieces with this elegant model because its pot is large enough to accommodate the whole.

If you’re a lover of the triturating juicer category, then for 2019, I would recommend the Tribest GSE-5000. The second gears are made of stainless steel. This model also doubles up as a food processor.

What to Consider When Buying a Juicer?

There are a variety of factors to consider when buying a juicer machine, with categories ranging from price, types of juicers, what you plan on juicing, the source of power. You must never forget the quality and quantity of the yield. The masticating juicer produces more juice yields. The noise produced is also a significant concern. Most electric juicers have a lot of noise. Are you shopping for easy to clean juicers with parts that are easy to reassemble? All these factors play a significant role in picking a suitable juicer.


It would be best to determine what you’ll mostly be juicing before getting yourself what you consider the best juicing machine. Also, ensure you can afford it and make up your mind what type you will be going for. Do a lot of research both online and offline, consulting with specialists involved.

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