Best Laptops In The Market: Brands and How to Choose

Getting the best laptop isn’t that easy. It has to do with much effort in studying the features keenly so as to really get the kind that is so convenient and will actually serve the intended purpose! Portability is the first consideration that is actually put first before a decision is really made. It should also possess some sense of beauty with the best-inbuilt characteristics, and lastly, you need to get the one that will not actually stringent your budgets! Almost all laptops do really possess all the external features highlighted above, but the performance of each of one them will really separate them out since others will really serve as the best gaming laptop; others will be cheap and still will perform heavy tasks!

About Laptop 

Possessing a laptop will really grant you amazing benefits, whether you are a businessman, a student, or even an artist! First, you will be entitled to just a sufficient storage space that will actually make it possible to store any kind of file. You will also have an easy time while reading, gaming, or even recording any kind of art. A laptop will also allow you to have efficient browsing, and you can actually log into multiple platforms at the same time, making communication so efficient! Actually, a laptop is a key to every happy life!

5 Best Laptops In The Market

The list here gives the list of the top five best laptops that are currently trending in the market;

Dell XPS 15 2in 1

Dell XPS 15 2in 1 - Best Laptops

Dell XPS is undoubtedly the world’s powerful laptop that’s equipped with the most amazing features. It’s the world’s best 2 in 1 laptop that warrants the most amazing user experience. It’s actually one of the rare laptops that can successfully run the g –series chips, which is a complex result of the combination of the Intel’s and the AMD Vega graphics CPU. This amazing ability really makes the Dell XPS a powerhouse. The top-notch 4k screen and an amazing foldable hinge mechanism really makes it the best gaming laptop and serves the purposes of video editing and memorable gaming experience!


  • Always warrants the best gaming experience
  • Its quality is just the best
  • Keyboard and the screen are just so enticing


  • It may sometimes be so noisy when dealing with a tough task this makes it consume a lot of power hence the battery life can’t really last for the desired time

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air - Best Laptops

The Apple MacBook Air is a really amazing kind of laptop that really possesses the most amazing retina display screen, which really possesses the most amazing colors and the accurate display! You will also just love the touch ID that will only permit the unlocking through the fingerprint. Speakers of a stereotype are other key features that you need to consider in the Apple MacBook Air. It has two ports for the file transfer, and the prices actually have it starting at pounds 1200. As you go up, the price also increases.


  • An amazing retina display that really boosts the brightness and color display
  • All the features in it are of top quality
  • Portable due to its amazing lightweight
  • The design itself is just so appealing!


  • The disadvantage here comes when you need to transfer large data files! Two USB –C ports are actually not sufficient for such purposes.

Asus Vivo Book E200HA

Asus Vivo Book E200HA - Best LaptopsThis amazing laptop is just so light with less than a kilogram weight but still can handle an amazing workload! The battery life first is just so fulfilling, and you will really love everything to do with it, including the dinky footprint. It can actually perform almost all the tasks, but be sure to have the performances a little bit compromised following the highly reduced size! Its price is also so pocket-friendly, and everyone can really afford it. If you are really seeking for the best cheap laptop, then the Asus Vivo Book is the option


  • It’s affordable
  • Very appealing design
  • The keyboard is just of the amazing standards
  • Very portable due to its amazing slim and lightweight


  • Its performance is a little bit slow compared to the rest with also a very basic screen that might really compromise clarity!

LG Gram 14Z980

LG Gram 14Z980 Laptop

This amazing laptop actually must exist in the top five following its well-established features, including the 3 USB ports, a micro SD card reader, and also the HDMI port. It’s actually very light and may weight even less than a kilogram. Other amazing features that really put it at the top are the best processing speed, long battery life, and also generally the performance. The display is just so appealing, and the designers can actually get the best time working with it. It may not really work well for the photography due to its Adobe RGB and the DCI-p3 color gamut that’s actually below average.


  • Very portable
  • Long battery life
  • Just appealing performance


  • The storage space is actually not sufficient. 256 GB may not really support the large work or heavy files.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s Surface laptop is actually one of the best laptops following its amazing durable battery. The processing and also the graphical power is just sufficient, and you have a full assurance of the best performance. Other features are the mini- display port and a propriety surface connects port. It actually falls in the category of the best two in one laptop. This laptop actually operates on Windows 10 and actually imitates the MacBook apple in the looks and also the style. The performance is also just so appealing, and you may really love it due to its fewer prices below 1000 pounds.


  • Well designed and well-spaced keyboard
  • Long-life battery
  • Portable and also very attractive
  • Amazing display


  • The USB ports may not really be sufficient, and it’s also a little bit expensive.

How to Choose the Best Laptop Computer for You?

  • Before you settle on any kind of laptop, it’s essential to check the following features
  • The performance should always be impressive and should just perform the desired purpose.
  • It should be lightweight and also portable to give the user an easy time while working around.
  • It should be affordable.
  • It should also offer you enough storage for the storage of all the files.


To conclude, the best laptops are actually available, and the user needs to consider the best five. You can also get other amazing laptops, such as the touch screen laptops, at the most amazing prices. Make the right choice and consider the best laptops, including the best gaming laptop at the most affordable prices!