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The Best Smart Speakers Of The Year You Can Buy

Everyone likes devices that have a sense of technology. Speakers are not left behind. As we improve our homes, the best service providers such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and many other brands like Siri deliver the best speakers that you will appreciate. These digital helpers are very reliable, and you can be sure to have that memorable music hour with their best smart speakers. There are many speakers available in the market, and it could get so daunting to settle for the option that will deliver the best for you. How can you choose a smart speaker? There is a way you can do that. Keep reading this piece for real insights about what you can expect when buying a smart speaker.

What Is A Smart Speaker?

So, what is a smart speaker? Ever heard of a voice-activated device with a virtual assistant that will be helpful with everyday entertainment? Yes, that is a smart speaker. The leading amazon smart speakers use the assistants such as Alexa. It is interesting to note that smart speakers can answer the question that you ask, including even telling you the weather condition at the moment. They can speak to you. 

Smart speakers do have several amazing features, such as a music player. You will also like other features such as the ability to make notes of appointments and the ability to control other smart home devices. The device serves great functions, and you will appreciate how it can turn on the lights while adjusting the thermostat using a simple voice command. The most popular speaker brands are Amazon and Google. Other brands that won’t disappoint in delivering the best smart speakers are Apple, Sonos, and Bose. 

On a light note, Amazon has an extensive speaker range. It is for this reason that it has now sold over 100million Alexa devices worldwide. The smart speaker can allow you to play music, makes hand-free calls, and control all the Alexa compatible devices. Such as plugs, light bulbs, and other forms of smart speakers.

How Do Smart Speakers Work?

How do smart speakers work? One of the lead features that define how the smart speaker will work is the intelligent virtual assistant. The ability to recognize and respond to voices makes to feature an excellent factor in smart speakers. The feature will be able to understand everything that you are saying and can also set other features such as reminders and can also schedule the appointments.

The brand that you will purchase will determine the voice recognition technology you will have since every brand has its own. Amazon makes good use of Alexa, while Google has a Google assistant. For Apple users, they use a Siri Voice assistant. They all have specific names, but their brand names are what wakes them up.  For instance, you can start Alexa by shouting, “Hey Alexa.” 

The smart speakers will then listen to what you have to ask, after which it is processed and brings back the answer. Notably, speakers have an intelligent power to get used to your voice by understanding your accent to correct responses. For manufacturers like Bose and Sonos, they rely on virtual assistants from other brands. For instance, they both have built-in Google Assistant and Alexa. The consumer will have choices for what to use. 

So, if you want to be on the safest side, be sure to consider a virtual assistant that will be compatible with other devices. Ensure that you fully understand the assistant that your smart speaker uses because some may not effectively work with a Google Assistant or Alexa. 

How To Pick The Best Smart Speaker? 

Your preference will determine what you will choose for your smart speaker. It is important to realize that Google assistant uses a more natural language query understanding that makes it a better option than the rest. For Amazon, you will appreciate the third party skills that it uses. With all still considered, Google Assistant still leads among the rest since it is built in all Android phones making it more universal than its counterpart. 

You will also need to check the size and power of the voice assistant that you will buy. There are many powerful options that you can choose from, such as Echo dot and Nest Mini, which all prove to be easy entries into Alexa and Google Assistant. Other voice assistants such as Echo, Home pod mini, and Nest Audio can still consider them since they are fairly powerful and come at very friendly prices. 

For the users who want to get loud, you will have to consider options such as Echo studio, Google Home Max, and Home pod, which are the biggest and more so priciest. You can always get smart displays such as smart speakers with touch screens for video support people. 

Best Smart Speakers Available In The Market

Now, let us focus on the best smart speakers that receive the best customer reviews at the market. Among the leading options that you will find includes Amazon Echo studio, Google Home Max, and Google Nest Audio. Of course, others shall be briefly dealt with by the article. Let us briefly take a look at each of them; 

Amazon Echo Studio

Best Smart Speakers

One of the best options that receive the best customer reviews is the Amazon Echo studio. The features that define this smart speaker are the reasons it ranks well among the rest. First, the Dolby Atmos Immersive sound is the primary reason why it exists among the best. It accords you with a simple setup and 3D audio, which happens to be what everyone likes. 

Amazon’s first High-end smart speaker does have the best sounding effects due to its powerful internal system. The speaker is very impressive, and you can even enhance your entertainment by subscribing to Amazon Music HD. There’s, though, a small hitch with this type of smart speaker. The stereo mixing to Dolby Atmos may be inconsistent, but of course, it is not sufficient to kill the smart Amazon echo studio’s reputation.

Google Home Max

Google Home Max

Google home max is yet another smart option that you can consider, especially when you need some sense of tech and best sounding smart speakers in your house. Other smart speakers may exceed this or even come closer to Google Home Max, but still exist among the best sounding devices worth your money. You will admire the features such as the Class D amplifiers drive, high excursion woofers, and 4.5 inches aluminum cone, all mean to give a compact appearance. 

Google Home Max has two more amps dedicated to a pair of 0.7-inch polyester dome tweeters. The Google Home Max AMPS integrates DACS, which is capable of supporting 24bit/192KHZ bitstreams. You can trust this great voice assistant to deliver what you want.

Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio -Best Smart Speakers

Google nest Audio is yet another smart speaker option that is designed to impress.  You will appreciate the balanced sound and soaring vocals that will please the users. Notably, its responses are commendable for they act faster to give a quick response. Google Nest Audio is cheaper than the original Google home hence adding to an advantage of the economy.

The smart speaker is an improvement of the Google Home despite being less expensive than the original.

Google nest Audio also does other benefits, such as offering better sounds and stronger bass. It is one of the best speakers for sound, device processing, and speedy responses.

Sonos One (Gen 2)

Sonos One (Gen 2)

If you are looking for a powerful voice speaker with built-in voice control, you need to consider the Sonos One. It delivers a brilliant sound that fills the room. You will also like the fact that you will control it with your voice. Sonos One (GEN 2) Amazon Alexa is built-in so that you can be able to play music, set alarms, and check the news. It was also possible to get your question is easily answered.

Sonos One does have a compact design that will make it possible to fit in every room and any available space. You can also pair two Sonos Ones in the same room to give a stereo separation and a detailed sound. You can connect other wireless Sonos speakers for a more brilliant sound that will allow you to enjoy brilliant sound in every room.

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini

The primary features making up the Apple smart speaker include great audio for size, attractive design, and competitive prices. Google and Amazon’s smart speakers are indeed expensive. For those who admire the smart speaker and they just can afford it, it is possible to now smile, for you can acquire the Apple HomePod mini sounds. It is a great device that takes a small space yet can give an appealing sound.

The amazing device can integrate well with an iPhone and another device that falls in the Apple ecosystem. The device can be great for controlling other devices, such as the best home kit devices, at any time of your convenience.

Bose Home Speaker 300

Bose Home Speaker 300 -Best Smart Speakers

Bose smart speaker 300 will deliver a room rocking bass with really a nice sound. The built-in voice assistant is the Amazon Alexa, which has superior voice pickup from a noise rejecting six microphone array. Other features that the devices come with include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the Apple Airplay 2 compatibility that will allow you to play your favorite music services.

Controlling Bose Home speaker 300 is very simple because it has three different ways that you can use to manage the sounds you can hear. This feature includes the Bose Music app and six one-touch presets on top of the speaker. You can also use the Bose app for simple set up with a detailed prompt.

Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod

The Apple Home pod is our last on the list, but it doesn’t mean that it is the last.  The amazing smart speaker has a compact design with a solid, stylish design that will impress you even before you begin to use it. The amazing smart speaker will work with Siri and Apple music voice assistants. Why you get when you employ this speaker is an authority’s sound that will fill your room.

The Apple HomePod is one of the best investments for apple lovers because it simplifies music streaming, for it offers creative and capable abilities. A multi-room and stereo pairing support is another reason why the smart speaker is not a poor investment. It is among the best options you can choose from even as you try to get your house’s best options.

How We Test Smart Speakers?

So, how are smart speakers tested?  First, you need to consider the audio quality before you take a look at anything else. If your speaker will not give you that impressive sound, then, of course, it is not worth your investment. When you are sure that the sound is fit for you, you will then consider the price. It is advisable to settle for a cost-effective smart speaker that won’t disappoint your bank.

Google Home smart speaker does have different features, so are other available options. You need to define what you want to use your smart speaker with. Here you will be considering a voice assistant that it embeds.  You already understand that smart speakers like Amazon and Google have Alexa and Google assistant’s natural abilities. However, they will have their shortcomings, such as omitting certain important features to make voice calls.

Finally, be careful with the design. You need something that pleases you. It should be appealing to the eyes. You also need to check if it has audio inputs that will allow you to connect things such as turntables and TVs. All these are the determiners that will guide you even as you choose the best smart speaker.


We have lots of options that you can choose from in the market. Consider the excellent options that won’t disappoint your budget. Choose a pocket-friendly device ranging from Sonos Smart speaker, Echo smart speaker, and Amazon Echo smart speaker that will be worth your investment. You will also have the Google home mini smart speaker that you can choose from, but of course, you will need something that will be compatible with your devices. 

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