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Comparison Between Herbalife Shakes And Arbonne Protein Shake

Herbalife Shakes and Arbonne Protein Shake
Written by Lincoln George

Herbalife shake is a popular meal replacement used those who want to lose weight. The most popular formula is herbalife 1 shake which has a variety of flavors. The flavors include: Vanilla, wild berry, Dutch chocolate, and Pumpkin Spice among others. From the product labels, the ingredients include: fructose and soy protein. From the herbalife reviews, it is advisable that one uses skimmed milk since it does not contain fats. Therefore, one gets the nutritional benefits of milk as well as taking milk that has fewer calories.

Arbonne protein shake is also one of the meal replacements preferred by those who want to lose weight. It is said to be able to replace two meals per day helping users to stabilize cholesterol levels. Arbonne, protein shake has moderate fiber required for the body. It is also low on fat thus the reason for low cholesterol level. Although the ingredients are of synthetic chemicals, it is considered to be safe for human consumption.


Herbalife is believed to help people reduce calories intake therefore it is used by those who want to lose weight. Herbalife reviews confirmed that it is a meal replacement that will help one boost his or her metabolism with the supplements that it contains. If use unskimmed milk for the herbalife shakes, it is believed that the calorie intake will be less than 170.

Arbonne protein shake is also meant for those who want to lose weight. Nutritionally, the shake has proven to be good. It is believed that it has enough for a meal. To be effective the shake is meant to replace one or two meals per day. The fiber content present in Arbonne protein shake is 1g with a 3g fat content.

Herbalife Shakes and Arbonne Protein Shake


When it comes to calories content, you will find out that herbalife ingredients has less calorie content as compared to Arbonne. Herbalife shakes has 90 calories if its mixed with water and 170 calorie content if mixed with skimmed milk. As for Arbonne calorie content is 160 per serving.

Herbalife shake has only one protein for the ingredient as compared to Arbonne that has three. Herbalife has low protein amount which makes some people complain since they don’t feel full after taking the supplement. This is the opposite when it comes to Arbonne, as it has a high quality of protein which makes the users fuller for a more extended period.

Herbalife shake contains 3g of fiber as opposed to Arbonne protein shake that contains 1g of fiber. Therefore, Herbalife shake will keep you full for a more extended period since fiber contains hunger blocking power. However, this will depend on the activity that the body is involved. For those who active, then the body metabolic rate will be high therefore an increase in appetite.

When it comes to the vitamins and the mineral salts, the two supplements are similar. They all have 21 vitamins and minerals that include: vitamin B, A, E, C, B12, B6, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, calcium and zinc.

For sugars, both supplements do not have artificial sugars. In herbalife shake it is said to have 9g of sugar while the Arbonne protein shake has 9g of sugar too. Sugar is not required for those who want to lose weight as it is stored as fats in the body.


When it comes to taste of herbalife, there were mixed reviews. There are those who liked the taste and others felt quite the opposite. Herbalife has a variety type of flavor. The flavors include: Caramel, Vanilla, chocolate, wild berries and many more. These flavors help the users not to get more with herbalife shake meal replacement routine.

From the review, Arbonne has a lot of complaints when it comes to taste. First, they complain about lack of consistency and the bad aftertaste once the supplement is taken. Secondly, some feel like the sugars that is used is too much as it is a weight loss supplement.


The two supplements are beneficial to anyone who wants to lose weight. The supplements are good meal replacement as they have all the requirements that the body needs. They are therefore, able to help in achieving the ideal body weight goal.


Herbalife shake does not sell their products on the website. Instead, those who need the products will get them from distributors or The shake is sold at $39.99 depending on the formula or the flavor took for 30 days. Arbonne supplements are sold on the website and they cost $ 39.99 taken for 16 days.

Bottom Line

The two meal replacement supplements are good for those who want to lose weight. They contain the minerals required by the body. However, all the supplements have limitations but the supplements have been proven by other users too in helping reduce weight.



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