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Ingredients Review of Different Meal Replacement Shakes

shakes are manufactured using different ingredients
Written by Lincoln George

Meal replacement shakes offer one of the most effective weight loss solutions. They are convenient, highly nutritious and effective. Orgain organic shake, herbalife, lean shake, and 310 shake are some of the popular protein powder shakes that produce long-lasting weight loss results. What has made this supplements gain massive popularity is their nutrition content, price as well as the high-quality of ingredients used to formulate them. The comparison reviews below outline the nutrition content of Orgain Organic vs. Lean Shake and 310 shake vs. herbalife.

Nutrition Facts

These shakes are manufactured using different ingredients and this is what makes them unique. Orgain organic, lean shake, 310 shake, and herbalife contain various blends of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to that, they are also considered to be low-carb and low-calorie protein powder shakes. Organic protein powder shakes that are popular with dieters because they help to curb hunger, increase the metabolic rate, promote the growth of lean mass and promote organ function. The nutrition comparison below shows how these shakes fair in comparison to one other.



Most dieters usually prefer low-calorie shakes. This is because such supplements help to quickly spark the burning of body fat by creating a calorie deficit. Orgain organic protein powder review shows that this shake contains 150 calories per serving. Lean shake reviews, on the other hand, show that this organic shake 200 calories per serving. The 310 shake vs. herbalife comparison indicates that 310 shake contains only 90 calories per serving while herbalife contains 90 calories per serving.


Organic shakes such as orgain and lean shake are usually rich in protein. High amounts of protein in a shake helps to enhance the feeling of satiety and promote the development of lean and well-toned bodies. Looking at the orgain organic protein powder review, this shake contains 21g of protein per serving. Lean shake contains a significantly high amount of protein per serving, 25g. Meanwhile, the 310 shake vs herbalife protein comparison shows that 310 shake contains 15g of protein per serving while herbalife reviews indicate that this supplement contains only 3g. This is a very low amount of protein-based that the other shakes are rich in protein. Orgain organic and 310 shake have almost the same amount of protein hence they effectiveness are sometimes similar. For a shake that contains a rich protein blend, the lean shake is the best in this category.



A fiber-rich shake helps to effectively curb hunger pangs and reduce food cravings. Orgain organic contains 5g of dietary fiber while lean shake reviews show that it contains 8g of dietary fiber per serving. Looking at the 310 shake vs herbalife fiber comparison, 310 shake and herbalife contain almost the same amount of fiber. 310 contains 5g of dietary fiber while herbalife reviews show that the shake has 3g of dietary fiber per serving. For dieters looking for shakes that have high fiber content, lean shake is the ideal supplement to go for. Orgain organic shake’s low-fiber content means that it is not an ideal shape which can help consumers to effectively curb hunger for long hours.


Most plant-based shakes usually contain low levels of sugar or nothing at all. They are normally sweetened with plant-based sweeteners to add flavor. Orgain organic protein powder review shows that this meal replacement shake contains 0g of sugar per serving while lean shake has 4g of sugar per serving. The 310 shake vs herbalife sugar comparison shows that 310 shake is more effective. This supplement doesn’t contain any sugar while herbalife reviews show that it contains 1g of sugar per serving. Both 310 and herbalife shakes are the best in terms of sugar comparison. However, 310 shake is even better as it contains nothing.


Aside from the nutrition content, another aspect of a shake which consumers look for is the price. Protein powder shakes need to be cost-friendly in order to facilitate long-term use. Comparing lean shake vs orgain organic, the latter is cheaper as it costs only $1.30 per serving. Lean shake, on the other hand, cost almost twice the price of orgain organic shake, $2.19 per serving. The 310 shake vs herbalife price comparison shows that herbalife costs $1.33 per serving while 310 shake cost $2.43. Overall, orgain organic and herbalife are the cheapest meal replacement shapes in this comparison.

Final Thoughts

Although orgain organic, lean shake, herbalife, and 310 shake are rated as some of the best organic protein powder shakes, their nutrition levels greatly determine their effectiveness. In the comparison above, herbalife and orgain organic shakes are the cheapest, however, they are not the best in terms of nutrition. 310 Shake and Lean shake are the best in terms of calorie, sugar, protein and fiber content. And although they are expensive, they help to deliver long-lasting weight loss results.



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