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Lectin Shield: Trusted Protection Against Dietary Lectins

Lectin Shield
Written by Beckett Dalton

This is a sad fact: Lectins may be wreaking havoc to your body. However, you might not know about this. Even foods which are ideal for your health might have properties which make them become less ideal.

And a number of things that you take just are plain bad for you.

Often lectins are cited as some property in food which you should avoid. But the catch-22 situation here is that it’s completely difficult to keep off from something that is found in the food you love to eat.

But all is not lost. There’s help available in the form of a health supplementcalled Lectin Shield. The following lines provides you with pertinent information about lectins and the way Lectin Shield may protect you from the harm they do. Read on…

Lectins: The Basics

A Plant is normally defenseless, for the most part. Several plants possess protection from insects through substances called lectins. They are proteins capable of harming a predator. Consequently, this discourages other predators from attacking the same plant. For instance, the castor bean plant has a particularly powerful kind of lectin called ricin, and ingesting this poisson may prove to be fatal.

However, it is not only the insects which suffer from harm caused by lectins. Also human beings may suffer. The following are some of the few problems associated with lectins.

  • Immune system disorders

Lectin Shield

Your immune system plays a significant role in protecting you from several types of diseases. But lectins may interfere with the antibodies which constitute this line of defense. Consumption of lectin may stimulate your immune reactions which attack them. This poses a problem, since also they attack the cells to which they attach themselves.

  • Digestive problems

Lectins attach also to the intestinal walls. And this may cause harm to the intestinal cells, resulting into digestive problems. There’s even a condition called lectin poisoning, and this may lead to acute abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. People normally think that the issue here is gluten. But the real culprit is lectins and Lectin Shield becomes the savior.

  • Leaky hut

Lectin consumption may weaken the intestinal walls. This in turn lets harmful microbes, like harmful bacteria to move through the walls and later enter the bloodstream. And this may lead to symptoms which have similarity to lectin poisoning.

How Lectin Shield Helps

Regretfully, lectins are found in several of your favorite foods. What you can do to reduce your intake of lectins is by removing grains, tomatoes and legumes from your diet. However, this does not imply you are completely going to escape them.

And this is why Lectin Shield comes in handy. Basically it operates as some kind of antidote to lectins, consequently protecting you from harm. Lectins cause damage through attaching to cells. But Lectin Shield has ingredients which prevent this from occurring. The following are just some few of them.

N Acetyl D-Glucosamine: The substance will block several of the lectins that are found in wheat. It helps in protecting your body from damage caused by lectins while at the same time it helps individuals suffering from joint pain.

D-Mannose: This blocks those lectins found in peanuts, beans,lentils and peas among other legumes. Also it has been shown they play some significant part in protection of the body against harmful bacteria.

Sialic Acid: The acid blocks lectins found in grains and those in berries. Also it forms some slippery barrier which helps in protecting inside of gastrointestinal tract.

Bladderwrack: It may appear like a strange substance. However, it delivers significant benefits. It originates from seaweed, and it helps in blocking lectins found in a host of foods. Also it has antifungal properties which may help your body against harmful yeasts.

You Are Protected

Lectin Shield offers effectual protection against damage caused by harmful lectins, and also delivers other benefits. For instance, It may help in reducing digestive issues like bloating and gas. It may also discourage cravings which may lead to gaining of weight. Also it strengthens intestinal walls and assists the body to perform a better task of absorbing nutrients from those food you take. Consequently this is going to provide you the much needed energy.

Money -Back Guarantee

You are absolutely not going to have any risk trying this product. When you are not absolutely satisfied, all that you do is return the bottle (full or empty) within a period of 90 days. The maker is going to offer you a trouble-free and no-questions-asked refund.

All in all, now that you are aware there is no risk in trying this amazing product, you should give Lectin Shields a try. Soon you are going to discover this is among the best decisions you have made with your life ever.

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