Hemp Lotion

The Magic Wonders of Hemp Lotion

CBD infused products are increasingly finding their way into our shelves as we look for various treatment methods with profound medicinal side effects. Currently, there’s a lot of jibber-jabber when it comes to cannabis. Take a stroll with your dog to the dog park, and you’ll listen to Tom, Dick, and Harry, professing the marvelous wonders of what the cannabis plant is doing to the dog’s life. But hold on! In this plant- happy life, you’ll also find humans slathering away in different hemp-infused topical solutions such as facial creams and gels. Strangely enough, they attest to its immense benefits, with one of the most significant advantages being pain relievers. But what exactly is hemp oil? In this article, we will cover What hemp lotion is and whether it works in treating pain. We will further look into its administration in treating anxiety, other added benefits of using hemp lotion, and its side effects. Finally, we will look into its legality and our final take on this matter.

What is Hemp Lotion?

For starters, we can define hemp oil as a by-product from the plant Cannabis Sativa that has a lower concentration (0.3% or less) of the psychoactive element THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) known to induce the psychotropic high. By extension, creams and lotions are infused with hemp oil to come up with hemp-infused by-products.

Hemp Lotion For Pain: What to Know?

Some of the theoretical logic with regards to how hemp-infused lotions exist. Firstly, hemp oil can regulate chronic pain by reducing one’s inflammatory responses. It increases one’s level of endocannabinoids and desensitizing an individual’s pain receptors. Such effects get obtained when hemp oil is orally ingested or used internally. However, tests are further ongoing to ascertain whether the same results are achievable when topically applied.

Endocannabinoids are natural body signals that maintain homeostasis through the detection of memory, pain, moods, and memory. Hemp oil elevates or increases the level of pain inhibiting endocannabinoids by decreasing metabolism rates as it moves around the body.

During intense work out regimes, the body muscles are ripped or get torn, which leads to soreness during the healing process. Once the immune cells register body damage, they activate inflammatory mediators tasked with healing tissue repair. Hemp oil can reduce such pro-inflammatory signals, thus reducing pain, yet promoting healing of body tissues.

Hemp lotion and other topical creams typically get used in the treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne, among other skin conditions. Studies indicate that such topical application inhibits the production of cytokines, thus inhibiting skin inflammation. The FDA approved the use of hemp lotion for pain and doesn’t contain skin irritants such as artificial perfumes, sulfites, and preservatives. So, how do we administer such treatment?

Administration of Hemp Lotion For Pain Treatment

In as much as hemp-infused products are on our shelves, we do not know the quantities required to decrease pain. Although the ongoing research on the topical effects of hemp on mice, it’s clear that we do have different bodies and systems; hence what works for one is quite different from what works for the other. Humans may require more dosage compared to mice.

In this regard, coming up with hemp oil for pain-related ailments comes with significant challenges in that despite their topical use, we don’t know for sure how much amounts should be used or the numbers passing through the epidermis to achieve the desired effects. It would be advisable to check in with your local doctor in case you decide to use such products.

Despite a lack of information when it comes to the administration of hemp-infused products, people still bear witness to a plethora of benefits from its usage. What are these benefits?

Additional Benefits of Hemp Lotion

EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)

Hemp lotion comes across as one of the products with a high concentration of EFA’s. The body requires such fatty acids to maintain a healthy and optimal functionality. In this regard, the body can’t make such fatty acids alone and requires other sources to acquire them. That’s why it’s crucial that purchasing such products be done from certified CBD shops to ensure you get the best out of it.

Hemp Lotion is Organic

There’s a growing concern about cruelty-free and organic products, and an increased number of cosmetic companies are following suit by infusing CBD in their products. Despite their minimal side effects, hemp lotion creates softer skin due to a lack of drying agents, which comes across as harmful to both pets and humans.

Hemp products are allergen-free, thus causing no reactions compared to petroleum and other synthetic products, therefore leading to a much clearer and improved skin.

Moisturizing Effect

Compared to the average lotion, hemp oil lotion comes as the best-preferred moisturizer since it has a superior moisture content ability. Tanners are now increasingly incorporating it into their tanning routine to prevent loss of moisture from their skin.

These are just some of the few benefits that come with using hemp lotion. Questions abound as to whether there exist side effects associated with its usage.

Side Effect of Hemp Lotion

Despite most people tolerating CBD infuse products well, some might exhibit signs of lethargy, loss in appetite, and weight gain or loss.

One should note that the side effects associated with hemp lotions are quite different from those obtained when ingested. Many side effects are generally a result of allergic add-ons such as shea butter and beeswax, among others. It’s rare to experience allergic reactions from hemp or any CBD extract alone.

Legality of Hemp

The legality of hemp and other CBD products depend on different states. Hemp is only legal in states that allow the production of hemp for industrial, medicinal, and recreational use. Before purchasing any CBD products, make sure you check with your state laws regarding CBD usage.


Despite the breakthrough in conventional medicine, one cannot ignore the progress or advancement made in the CBD field. For those seeking alternative methods, hemp lotion for pain comes across as one of the effective ways with the least reactions. However, one should consult with their doctor before embarking on using such a mode of treatment.

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